Eaten at a Cook-Out

A Cook out is a restaurant chain popular in North Carolina, one opened up about a week ago and I was excited to try it. Basically, one of the only things to do around here is eat food, because this city is all filled with baptists. ;0).

I went today and the parking lot was crowded and cars were circled twice around the building (it is also a double drive thru, but still both lines were completely filled) as well as there were lines to get to parking. However, I was immediately impressed with the forethought that this was handled with. They had several staffers outside to help direct people to the correct line, hand them copies of the menus to decide while waiting, as well as help them navigate through the parking lot to leave. This level of attention to detail immediately made me think of Chikfila, as they also handle lines very well.

Inside there were a line of customers circled within the interior of the building. I went with another couple, so the man friends waited in line, as we held down the booth, and texted them our orders. I got the BBQ sandwich tray (having be recommended by several staffers throughout the day). This included two choices of sides, which I picked coleslaw and hushpuppies. This came with a drink but I substituted a strawberry cheesecake milkshake. The wait wasn’t too long, the staff had everything perfected pretty smoothly, despite that this was their first week or so of business.

The food was excellent! I think I also would have loved getting the onion rings and fries as a side (I don’t think this restaurant will help my plan at all to get healthier). The milkshakes are very think, the most difficult part is sitting there want to drink more because it taste so good, but struggling with the straw! One of our friends looked down at the cups and realized that there were bible references on the cups. I found this awesome! And, I am glad that I was so impressed with this place before I knew that they are Christian. Because, honestly it should be able to stand out first, before you find out its a Christian company. If it is Christian it ought to be better!

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