Driven an Electric Cart (Car Wreck Recovery Week #2)

My second week of recovery began with me reintroducing myself to driving. Right after the accident even riding in the car with the husband driving was scary. I kept feeling like cars were going to randomly slam into us. However, the more I was in the car, I began to feel the regular ebb and flow of traffic and their invisible guard lines.



Since I’m still sore and its difficult for me to bend, husband has to help me with outfit selection. I broke it down explaining the parts that usually go into it. He got excited when he did it right. Mostly I think just because it meant he was done and didn’t need to take 30 more minutes trying to find the “right colored” something.

Tuesday meant driving the husband to work so that I could drive myself to the office later. I’d practiced with the Buick in the church parking lot that Sunday, since it is different than my old car. I’m gaining more and more confidence, though I’m struggling to want to drive the higher speeds.

Tuesday after driving him to work, getting myself ready for work, going to work for one session, driving home, than picking him up from work I was very sore and exhausted. I’m finding that the healing process takes any of your excess energy to heal your body. Thankfully, he ended up working from home the next day and was willing to drive me around to other meetings.


Wednesday we went to Walmart. I’ve been excitedly waiting to do this, if only to ride around in the electric cart. I’d done this many years before, while in high school when I’d sprained an ankle. I’d forgotten how terribly slow these carts are!


The rest of that week was the Independence Day weekend. Because I’d seen fireworks the previous weekend I really could have cared less to see fireworks again. We went to one cookout, and hosted another at our apartment. I felt frustrated feeling so tired. I just wanted to sit on the couch, instead of wanting to be around people. It was hard to feel patient with myself, and my very social husband suffering from social withdrawals after serving his injured wife the past few weeks. I pushed through and enjoyed these activities. I even made eggless firecracker sugar cookies, a recipe I’d found on Pinterest, for our 5th of July party.

I’m even getting out and doing other adventures. That Saturday went out with some of our open carry friends to Homestead Creamery. We ate delicious sandwiches, shopped at the country store, harassed the goats, and licked freshly made ice cream.

Ain’t no back injury going to keep me down! Picture a certain fish, “Just keep healing, just keep healing”




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