Dressed as Combat Barbie

Each Halloween we usually have a few friends who host a costume party or at least a fall party. This year I didn’t even know if I wanted to go to the parties we were invited to because I couldn’t come up with a clever costume. Husband had already decided that he wanted to dress up as a terrorist and a few other friends had convinced him that he needed to be a zombie terrorist.

Originally, I thought that I could dress up as “Jenny” from Doctor Who…I figured that I had the blonde hair and pink combat pants, and AR-15 to make it work. The only problem was that likely no one would guess who I was and I didn’t feel like having to explain my cleverness all night since it kind of defeats the point. 
In thinking further about the pink camo pants I realized I could still use the AR-15 and the blonde hair to my advantage. Duh! I’d dress as “Combat Barbie” who shot the now zombie terrorist. We’d having a “couples” costume that husband would actually APPROVE of. Since in 2009 we were Princess Daisy and Evil Luigi (he wore a Bowser Tshirt), in 2010 I was Princess Daisy again at work party, and then last year we were Hunger Games Tributes. 
I purchased cell phone bling stickers that I planned on attaching to dog tags that I never found, and Husband actually agreed to let me put them on his AR-15 pistol magazine so I could “bedazzle” it! It was hard to make a signature “B” but we did it! I’m not gonna lie I really enjoyed the pink heels with the pink camo pants :0). 
We wore the outfits to a party thrown by people that husband works with, then to a “fall party” by friends of mine from Xtreme Impact. Last year the Fall party was a dress up event and we won the award for best couple costume. Just as we headed out the door I realized that I couldn’t remember anyone discussing their costumes, nor were there details about it on the facebook invite page. Whoops! We arrived there and realized that no one else was dressed up. 

The fall party was a lot of fun, the food was AH-mAhzing, and we played this really fun and slightly dangerous ice breaker game. There was a ball of thin string and you had to share something about yourself and then toss it (while holding on to part of the string) to someone who shared the same trait. This meant that there was a tangle of thin string across this entire living room. It was disconcerting being in the middle as all of the string ran across our heads and next to our throats! 

Happy Halloween everyone! Watch out for the Frankenstorm! So far we are good, but we are supposed to have worse weather tomorrow. I can already hear the wind picking up this evening compared to earlier today!

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