Ditched the Boot: Talus Recovery (3.5 months)

After the beach trip I was determined to have a few more weeks of productivity before returning back to work. However, then I came down with this cold that made me miserable, apparently it takes longer to get over simple things like colds when you are also torturing your body with physical therapy.

I didn’t know how wrecked my body was until I showed up for physical therapy one day, planning to each a late lunch after my 1-2 pm appt. My head felt fuzzy, I was introduced to a new elliptical type machine which I felt completely awkward using. I was working on balances over by the mock stairs and I admitted that I needed water. They saw how pale I was and encouraged me to lie down. They were disappointed when they found out that I hadn’t had any lunch. I felt so embarrassed wasting the end of physical therapy, but they were supportive with what I needed right then.

The truly sad thing is I allowed myself to wallow in my sickness, watching more tv than I should, and I felt worse about not completing more creative projects since I’d be going back to work soon.

The morning of my appointment I met a mentor for lunch. It was truly God’s perfect timing that we meet. It was refreshing to share about what I had been struggling with. She validated in a simple “yep, life sucks sometimes, sometimes we suck” vibe. I forget how much I’m encouraged talking to Christians older and wiser than myself. Its easier to understand that things in life come in waves and that “this too shall pass” because Christ doesn’t fail us.

I had PT and then afterwards another appointment with my surgeon. More xrays were taken, and to my surprise he said that I could completely ditch the boot. I thought that he would suggest that I wear a brace, but he said “no brace” Thankfully, he scheduled me to go back to work on Monday, instead of that next Thursday, to give me a couple more days to get myself together.

That weekend was one of my busier ones with a friend’s birthday and taking pictures for my church’s missions conference on Sunday, but it was nice to be busy before work.

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