Disliked Feet

I was talking with a friend at work about this today, I have never hated or thought feet were disgusting. Now, I live with a boy…I know that feet and shoes can be disgusting and smelly. However, I know girls who will shriek over the idea of feet being near them.

I don’t know why but I have always sort of liked my feet. On many different vacations, especially overseas, I like to take pictures of my feet. Because feet are on the ground they tend to take the most abuse from walking around and pictures can show that change. Also, feet can be metaphorical representations of the passing of time due to the fact that we take “steps” each day.

Feet are also very biblical, ie. when Jesus was washing the feet of the disciples. Story Time! I remember one night on my dorm, we were supposed to have leadership prayer groups. I was tired and exhausted, with tons of homework, not wanting to have another lesson talked at me. Then, they surprised us. Each of our leadership took each small group leader (like me) that she was responsible for mentoring. They washed our feet, spritzed them with perfume,  and prayed for us. It was a perfectly beautiful and humbling experience. (And the rest of my night was free to rest/work on homework).

So, I have asked the geeky intelligent (and patient) hubster (and he would like you to know that he is self admittedly unartistic, however I have seen pictures that lead me to believe otherwise) to create a banner for this blog. Voila! I will explain each of the pictures:

Thailand, 2009 with Xtreme Impact. Our team leader surprised us with riding elephants on our last day spent in country.
October 2009. A week after the honeymoon, the husband and I found a cute puppy that we could not leave the store with. (More like if I left the store I was leaving without said husband because he was eye locked with this cutie). Daisy was smaller that his foot!
Brazil 2007. My second trip to Brazil.
October 2009. My dress was cinched like Belle’s yellow ball gown, I wore a tiara, and I managed to find clear Cinderella type shoes.
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