Disliked Fall

Fall is probably one of my favorite seasons. I’m pretty sure that every season I find something to like and dislike as I eagerly await for the next season, but fall is pretty awesome. I love the changing leaves that make the mountains around here look like they are on fire. One day I’d love to go to Maine and see their changing leaves. Until now I’ll enjoy the fall opportunities around here!


This past season it consisted of photographing for a fall church festival. Here every church seemed to have a sign that they were going to be a hosting a fall festival, on their property. Something that I love about my church is that we hosted a fall festival in an apartment complex, where the people are. I’ve really enjoyed branching out from my stereotypical role in details and administration to follow the passions of my heart through my camera lens!






Speaking of camera adventures…I wanted to check out the foliage at a local park. The one where we had a photo-shoot a few years ago. In doing so I also brought a wedding icon with me…my Cinderella shoes. It was a fun experiment, and a neat way to combine my wedding symbol and that of my cousin in law’s.

IMG_7465 IMG_7469 IMG_7470 IMG_7479


We were also able to day trip to a local winery/vineyard. Its a creative place using different types of fruits in their wines. Another neat thing is that this location is also an apple orchard.

IMG_7753editscaled IMG_7783scaled IMG_7710

There is a small farm on the property filled with farmyard animals, so of course the hubster needed to go interact with them!


And finally I bring you our matching Halloween costumes of 2013. Hippies! (Also, since our party was technically in November weekend…we got our accessories on clearance!) Last year was the first year husband actually wanted to have a matching theme…I’ve realized that it works better if I let him come up with the costume and I figure out how to make it a duet.


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