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In case you can’t tell, I like pictures. Not only do I like saving pictures from every random day of my life (let alone actually exciting events), but I also enjoy securing random paper products that “prove” my actions that day: receipts, business cards, flyers, programs, tickets, decorated napkins, candy wrappers. Somehow it is like by gripping tangible things from those moments that maybe I can freeze those moments in time. Thus my proclivity towards hoarding such momentos means as an (almost) 26 year old I have piles and piles of pictures and stuff. I keep all of it saying “I’m going to scrapbook it…one day”


The problem is that it takes too much time, energy, and supplies to make that one day happen.


But I decided that maybe if I scrapbook/memory make right after said event is over….maybe then I’ll develop a habit and eventually I’ll also be able to back track?


An attempt to organize memory stuff with the intent of making it pretty later…these binders document my college days…which were a few years ago.

Right after the beach trip I began to purchase supplies, some paper, some beach themed stickers and waited for Shutterfly to have an amazing sale on pictures. Bam! They offered 101 free prints at Halloween. I began to design some pages with those beach pictures and I realized that what I wanted was to decorate a few pages, but then to have album type pages to insert pictures at mass.

I went to the craft store to get a binder with my Michael’s coupons…and what do you know they were having a buy one get one free….so of course then there was no reason not to get 2 albums!

In the modern day there are new types of scrapbooking/memory making materials available for the busy modern day woman. Instead of a scrapbook with posts which limit the pages there are 3 ring binders. Instead of just blank scrapbook pages there are album pages designed in all types of sizes, where the goal is to use journal cards that add color/design/theme as well as space to record specific memories about the event. It is genius! Less of the cutting, gluing, designing free space pages where the goal is to make them look as frou-frou (ps that is actually a French word!) as possible.

Some of the main brands with these types of products are: Product Life, Recollections, Echo Park and We R Memory all of which are available on amazon. By far Product Life is the best promoted, creating a community of people who use the product in order to collaborate together.

I’m excited! Compiling one’s memories is so much quicker with those tools. Then, you still have the option if you want to “freestyle” a page. I’m hoping that my zeal over the past few days will continue to become a lifestyle habit.

One of the coolest discoveries that I’ve made about these types of scrapbooks is Ali Edwards and her “one little word” projects. Basically, at the beginning of the year (the goal is to try and memory make throughout the year with these binders) you pick a word that sums up your hopes/goals for that year. Well since I’m making my binder at the end of 2013 I can cheat and select a word that sums up what 2013 has been like. I chose “Carried.” These past 4 months especially have been a testament to how God has supported us through various trials and changes, and that we’ve grown in learning to support each other.


Here are the pages I created after the 5k I jogged:







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