Dined at Texas de Brazil

Oct. 3 the husband and I celebrated three years of marriage! To celebrate this he surprised me with dinner reservations at a Brazilian Churrascaria the Sunday preceding!

The first international mission trip that I went on was to Curitiba, Brazil. While on this trip in 2006 I had the opportunity to go to one of these Brazilian steakhouses. These are incredible buffets which usually over a giant selection of salads and other sides items.

However, the real magic happens at your table. The basis for these steakhouses is modeled after the slow roasting of meat over an open fire by the cowboys in Southern Brazil. This means that you get all of your side items and then you sit at the table and wait for the main courses to be brought to your table. Generally speaking there is sometimes a ball in a cup, an hourglass, or a card that you could flip on your table. One side is green and the other is red. The green side means that servers will bring about different selections of slow roasted meat cuts (in Brazil this will often include chicken hearts, which is a delicacy there) on a stick, where they cut you off a section.

Ever since I went to Brazil for the first time I’ve been talking non stop about returning to a Brazilian restaurant (I really do tend to fall in love with any food that I eat in a foreign country!). This was doubly bad since I passed a sign for a restaurant traveling on the way to college from where I used to live. I mentioned my desire to visit one of these restaurants so much that no only did the husband get sick of it, but his friends that we hung around were familiar with the phrase. So much so that the first time we participated in Lobby Day when we were wandering around looking for lunch our friend said, “Hey this says Dora’s Brazilian Grill…isn’t Erin always talking about eating Brazilian food?!” lol.

Therefore, the husband decided to cave and take me to one of these fancy steakhouses for the specific rodizo style buffet. The closest one is in Richmond, and it was hilarious to me that we were driving so far away simply for dinner. Husband was surprised to find out that Texas de Brazil was actually located in a mall. I was trying to describe the Short Pump outdoor mall to him a couple of weeks ago when we were in Richmond visiting the Lewis Ginter Garden.

When we pulled up, he said, “This place better not be in a mall food court with the price I’m paying!” lol. We were early so we walked around a little bit.

Finally it came time for our reservations! I was excited to see that the slow roasting was located in the center of the restaurant and surrounded my glass. I got a few pictures, though blurry since they were without flash.

The buffet had a generous selection of fine foods from around the world. Including fancy cheese, and prosciutto. One of my favorite surprises was getting classic Brazilian bread cheese rolls. During the baking process of these small rolls cheese is added so its actually baked within the bread…sooooo delicious!

During the Rodizo buffet we were severed various selections of pork, chicken, turkey, and lamb. Husband was proud of all of the animals that he sampled! The lamb selections were not cooked enough in his opinion as they still tasted gamey, but the other selections were simply melt in your mouth delicious. Seriously, the in house special not only had a savory taste when you first bit it, but the after taste was still flavorful! My favorite meat selection of the night (which I sample several and ate about half of each piece!) was the bacon wrapped chicken!

The largest blessing of the night was that someone had a VIP punch card that expired tonight so he gave it to the couple seated next to us. However, because she had a birthday coupon (shout out: if you sign up with Texas de Brazil you can receive a free meal on your birthday!) she gave the VIP punch card (with only two punches left to receive a free meal) to us! We saved $42.99! :0)

Can’t believe its been 3 years, or that we’ve known each other for 6 years! We ended up spending our actually anniversary Oct.3 watching the Presidential Debate at a friend’s house. Through this event I learned that we share our anniversary with the Obamas, and I already knew that we shared the date with our school chancellors! #entertained

Attempting to take a picture with the “smile” setting on my new Canon, basically you cue it to take a series of pictures when you smile at it…we found it a little challenging!

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