Designed a Race Bib Holder

After jogging my first 5k I had 2 race bibs! This past year I’ve tried to be more practical about nostalgia coming up with the rule that I’m only allowed to keep stuff if I have a designated place to store it. For example: an organized scrapbook/album etc. There are many different ways to collect race bibs…but I decided to build a plague to store them!


Needed Supplies: Paint, brushes, sharpie markers, decorations, hooks, painters tape, pencil, drill, ruler, plague. The plague I purchased for less than $10 at Michaels. (PS they continuously offer coupons).

After deciding upon a nautical theme, I painted the back. I know its not necessary, but I enjoy knowing that it is solidly painted.



Then I painted the edges. I’d forgotten how much fun it could be to cover something in paint!


Next, I outlined the lines for the nautical theme. It was difficult to get these straight/proportioned.


I used regular masking tape. Pressed down completely, I think it would work fine, however, mine produced uneven paint lines.


Each line I did a couple of layers, until I was happy with the color.

IMG_4286 IMG_4368 IMG_4369

I had to do some slight touch up to straighten the lines, but I liked the rough look.


Then, I measured out where I wanted the hooks to be placed.


Using the silver sharpie marker I wrote out the phrase “Refuse to Sink.” I went back and defined some of the letters after the first sketching.

IMG_4372 IMG_4374 IMG_4375

Lucky for me, I get to employ the Husband for more difficult tasks like drilling the hole for the hooks.

IMG_4377 IMG_4378 IMG_4380

In congruence with the nautical theme I found a really cool anchor themed hook from amazon. The small hooks will hold the race bibs, while the anchor hook will be used to hold medals (one day ;0) ).


Voila! The final product. Let me know what you think!


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