Decorated a Live Christmas Tree

This season the curiosity of a real live Christmas tree got to me. I kept chattering about it so much that my husband decided to surprise me with one after a grocery store trip.


It was so exciting getting it set up. At first we weren’t sure if it would even fit in the stand, but husband got it to fit.

IMG_4458 IMG_4459

It wasn’t a giant tree. I’m taller than in, but I like its size and the derby way that it holds our tree top.




Husband had real live trees growing up, and made me promise to take care of it, as he find its care annoying. Seriously, it was like he’d gotten me a puppy or something.

The first few days I kept watching the tree, waiting to experience the magicalness of it all, and I was feeling let down.

After the internship I purposely tried to spend more time in the living room during my scrapbooking madness, and there it was. The gorgeous smell of the Christmas tree filling the living room. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to experience this as much as I would have wished…as I developed a cold the week of Christmas and lost the ability to smell or even breath for that matter.

Once we finally got the tree decorated it was fun to take advantage of for some classic Christmas light photography!

First the blurred bokeh, easily created by using manual focus to create the lack of focus.


Then, the sparkling lights picture. To create this picture you need a tripod, a long exposure (like 20-30 seconds), and a high aperture. So much fun!






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