Daydreamed About Being Ordinary

I’m not sure anyone in life really wants to be average. Especially in our society, there is the desire to be the best at something instead of “average.” Maybe when we are younger we are rewarded for participating, but quickly we figure out that in order to garner attention we have to actually ‘achieve’ ‘win first place’ or ‘be the best’ at something.

Now, for as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to “change the world” (though I never really had a specific idea about what that meant, would entail, or even looked like). This feeling was encouraged/deepened when I became a Christian. No longer did I just believe in a benevolent something, I had a book (the Bible) filled with legendary awesome miracles and super human feats. There were incredible stories about under dogs who had been in the right place at the right time, perfectly ordinary, but chosen by a Great God to do something amazing. (Esther, Hannah, and Mary are a few of my personal favorites — probably because they are women). I realized that I had a purpose and that God called people to great and mighty things.

At my Christian University this belief was very much encouraged. We listened to weekly speakers, who talked about the marvelous things that God was doing in their lives, how God had accomplished amazing feats/events in their lives. I wanted to be like one of those radiant speakers. I thought this made sense…an awesome God had created me, each of us, for an amazing potential. I even wrote on my face book description, “knowing that my crazy desire to change the World isn’t so crazy because the God who created the Universe lives in my heart.” One of my professors asked us to write an intro about ourselves including our personal goals. I blatantly told him that I was going to change the World. lol.

At dinner I was visiting with some college friends, in from out of town. We, of course, started reflecting about our school and experiences there. I mentioned how we all felt sort of deflated by this ‘achieving’ message from our school when many of us can’t find jobs in our desired occupations, and ‘real life’ does not seem nearly as glamorous and miracle-filled. Instead it is a harsh placed filled with the reality of bills, unfairness, and a lot of struggle. I was thinking about this while writing in my journal, wondering if it is the school’s fault for not educating us about ‘real life’, or if it was myself. I mean, God never promises us to be anything but ordinary. And, honestly, it many cases being ordinary would be more for God’s glory. Whereas an individual person’s glory (even in the name of Christ) might just be that individual person’s glory.

I leave some of the thoughts and discussion up to you…where do you think the balance is? To live as a Christian pursuing all that God has for us to do and accomplish in this life, and learning to live humbly without desiring position and accomplishments?

One thought on “Daydreamed About Being Ordinary

  1. I really love this post Erin. I’m glad I wandered over here & read it. 🙂

    Since graduation in 09 i’ve struggled a great deal with the whole LU perspective of doing great things for God. We were infused with such high expectations & told we just had to have enough faith + work hard enough + be deeply devoted enough.

    I won’t use this comment to bash the school. I realize the way I have been disappointed is partly my own fault, perhaps seeking “glory” and wanting to be something special. That being said, I think i’m starting to find healing in recognizing that we do change the world every day by choosing in each moment to be honest, compassionate, & loving. We change our own little worlds + set off chain reactions of good to offset the darkness in the world.

    Can’t say this is canon or perhaps Scripturally sound, but it does bring me peace when I go to my everyday job + work with everyday people + deal with everyday stupid bills + problems. The normalcy can be suffocating but perhaps it’s exactly what we were made for + God does the world changing through “the least of these” in this way. 🙂

    (ps – this is Lara)

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