Danced with the Daffodils

This winter has been particularly windy and cold in my opinion, I am excited that it is “officially” over. While others may relish the opportunity to wear cute sweaters and scarves, I look forward to that time of the year where I can step outside the apartment doors and not worry about retreating inside for a jacket. I want the sun’s rays to warm my skin without an icy chill in between.

For me spring time means flowers, specifically daffodils. Where I grew up there is an annual spring festival centered around daffodils. During high school it was just a parade and festival to hang out with friends, and maybe spend time with my crush.

Last year I really noticed with the wild yellow daffodils began to bloom in full force around the highways, and it made me nostalgic for home. I’ve told husband that whenever we have a house with our own yard it will not be complete without some daffodils!

In the meantime I can show this throw back picture with you! A few of the years I participated as a Daffodil Princess (with a proper sash and crown of mini daffodils). I got to ride in the parades, even though one year it literally “rained on my parade” and I was stuck waving from inside the car to my royal subjects. We competed for the title of Daffodil Queen, which I sadly never won.

Daffodil Princess

My favorite memory of presiding as a daffodil princess was I think the first year I participated. Friends and family gathered together and loudly called out their funny nickname for me. Upon hearing this, I turned to look at them and stuck out my tongue. (I was 16 I think at the time). A young girl next to my mother said aghast, “Princesses don’t stick their tongues out!” My mother laughed and replied, “Well, you don’t know this princess!”

According to the weather reports we may still expect some snow flurries despite that it is officially Spring. Though this is rare, it has happened before, as once — I think the only year I brought now husband home to enjoy the festival — it was cancelled due to a snow fall! Here’s to hoping our Spring weather is on the warmer side, for the sake of the daffodils!

Snowy Daffodils

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