Completed Week 3 (C25k Week 13)



This past week I actually completed the 3rd week of training, yay! I miss feeling excited, but that happened when I felt like my body was beasting week 1 (after SEVERAL weeks of running it). Now, I may be completeing the weekly program…but let me tell you I’m totally fighting with myself each step of the way!

Day 1 I jogged 1.52 miles with an average pace of 16:39 minutes.

Day 2 I jogged 1.5 miles with an average pace of 16:32 minutes.

Day 3 my gps bugged out, but it seemed to be about the same time/distance as my previous days that week.

I need to learn to better encourage myself. At this point when I finish a week, I just know the next week’s training is going to be even that more excruciating, so I kind of dread it. However, I’ve officially registered for the 5k in October…yikes!



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