Completed Week 2 (C25k Week 12)

This week was the first time in 12 weeks of training that I was going to be moving onto the 2nd program week of Couch 2 5k, and I was very nervous!


Monday, I got myself out there, preparing my mind and body with how much tougher week 2 would be. I did my standard, counting down each lap. Each lap is a fight in my mind, “just one more, you’re 1/4 of the way, you’re 1/2 of the way, just one more lap.” The increase of jogging from 1 minute to 1.5 minute felt excruciating, given how much training I’d been doing at that level. Then, all of a sudden, I heard a beep. I began jogging for my 7th lap…but the beep sounded different. I looked at the screen and it read, “work out complete.” I was beyond excited that week 2 was 6 sets, not 8 sets. Woohoo! I found that because I was jogging more my time and distance naturally increased. I jogged 1.53 miles at an average pace of 17:52.

Wednesday, I felt thirsty going into the run, so I was skeptical about my performance. I did a bad job talking myself into this jog. I’d told myself, “oh, its only 6 sets…so it is easier than what you have been doing.” So I let my guard down…and had to really push myself each jogging set. But, I did complete the workout, even if I was slower. I clocked in at 1.14 miles and an average pace of 23:15.

This week and really most of the summer has been littered with rain clouds. With the high humidity that exists without them, I’ve been hoping that the sky would burst open while I was jogging, crying out for that refreshment. Well, Saturday I received my wish!

I began the jog after playing Dungeons and Dragons for the first time at a friend’s birthday hangout.

The sky was growing darker, so I wondered if I’d be able to finish before the sky let loose. Counting down the sets of the program, it began to sprinkle in my fourth set. I just had two more sets to complete, so I was determined to finish. Then, the rain began to fall down harder and harder as streams began to form, sloshing the rain down the road. I worried about my cell phone in my armband, but I wasn’t ready to quit just yet. In the final lap, my neighbors came out, and upon seeing me, sweetly began to cheer me on! It was an incredible feeling! They saw me hobbling out front right after the accident, so its awesome to be able to use this as a testimony of God’s faithfulness! The distance was 1.6 miles with an average pace of 15:34!


I was dripping from my tank top and running skirt when I got inside, but at least I wouldn’t need a cold shower to cool down! My husband just starred at me, as the drops began to pool on our carpet. I think he was pretty impressed!

Now that I’ve completed week 2, it means moving onto week 3. This means 1.5 jogging, 1.5 walking, 3 minutes jogging, 3 minutes walking, and repeating that twice! I’m nervous, as it keeps getting harder. However, it is awesome, I’m less tired right after a run, and my legs feel sooo much stronger! :0)

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