Completed Week 1 of Couch 2 5k (C25k Week 8)

In my 8th week of running 2/3 times a week I finally completed week 1 of the Couch to 5k app I’ve been using! This meant that I completed all 8 sets alternating jogging 1min and walking 1.5 min in three different workouts. Seriously, each time I finished those I may or may not have cheered in my neighborhood. Here are a few keys that I discovered:

-Slow DOWN! If you’re unable to complete it, either try to jog for lower amounts of time (.5 a minute) or run slower.

-It is a Mental game. So much of it, after getting your body into the early stages of conditioning is coaching yourself through each set. It is telling yourself “okay, one more is half way there, one more is 3/4 of the way there, just two sets left, okay one more set.” You have to keep pushing yourself until your body believes you and does it.

-Make it special. For some running is their “me” time. For me, I used it as special time to wear my special pink shoes, my running skirt, my armband and other fun gear. I kind of needed to spoil myself into it.

-Right music. Seriously…I love jogging to dubstep. I’d downloaded the Going Quantum podcasts. You do have to be careful of it causing you to run faster, but sometimes it helps when you need that motivation to push through a few more steps.

-Have a goal. A friend and I were planning on running a 5k together in October. Having a buddy helped keep me accountable to keep at it each day.

Unfortunately, the day that I was going to begin Week 2 I was in a car accident. I fractured my L3 vertebrae and was told I’d recover in 4-6 weeks. That Wednesday when we went to the specialist one of the first questions I asked them (besides “Are you sure nothing else is broken?!) was when I could run again. Me. The girl who ran purposely slow in gym had been voluntarily running, and missed it, so asked the good doctors when she could do it again. I was excited to hear that I could try jogging again at 4 weeks. It has already been 2 weeks, so we’ll see how I feel when I get to that point since jogging would send more of a shock up my spine then simply walking.

A few weeks ago during the derecho, my husband attended a work conference in Boston. Since I’ve just recently gotten into running, and I did my first event right after the Boston bombing, I thought it might be neat to get a Boston Marathon shirt, or one that said Boston Strong. Unfortunately, husband was in the wrong district to find anything like that, but did purchase me this awesome running tank top. I’ve newly discovered that feeling air on your arms and chest helps endurance, and this tank top has wide straps, so I can feel modest wearing it! :0)

Running Tank

So here’s to being able to run again, eventually. I’m excited that when I do run, it won’t be “oh look I’m running because I think its something I can try” it will be “oh look, I’m running because I’m lucky to still be able to walk after that accident.” My running is another testament to God’s grace :0).

Wondering, when I blog my progress again, should I start the count over…?

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