Completed 1 Semester of Internship

On May 5th I completed my first semester of internship! Here were the stats: Week #21 Face to face: 81.25 (my goal was 1/3 of the 240 which I surpassed!), Individual Supervision: 11.5 (out of 25), Group Supervision: 9 (out of 25), and Related Activities: 229.75 (out of 310). A grand total of: 331.5.


It’s pretty incredible to have already accumulated so many hours! It does mean though that the accumulation will slow throughout my second semester of internship, through to my third semester of internship. However, I enjoy the idea of giving back to my site helping the office manager with daily tasks, and helping to increase our marketing/networking in the community.

One feat that I accomplished this semester is that I never duplicated an outfit to work. This challenge was to inspire me to create more outfits, instead of just wearing a shirt and pants. I challenged myself to be creative with what I had. Researching on Pinterest to see different color and style combinations. This was something that would not be necessary for everyone, but helped me develop more confidence in my professional abilities and presence.

I’ve been able to participate or observe many different types of therapies: group, cothearpy, individual, EMDR, pre-marital, and family therapy. Family therapy has been one of the most inspirational to assist in. I feel like there is something magical about the idea of helping a family push tighter together to withstand the adjustments that they are having to face.

I’m excited about my second semester and continuing to grow in experience. I know that the summer can be kind of slower, but I’m trying to remain steadfast in the truth that God will bring the people that He wants to work with me in His timing.

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