Competed In An IDPA Match

This weekend I had the opportunity to shoot in an IDPA match, the event that I previously shot in was a classifier event. I was pretty nervous because I didn’t really get to prepare or practice as much as I had wanted to, but this was going to be my last chance to shoot in IDPA until August due to summer plans. I was also having a very busy weekend with assignments due et cetera, so I kind of hoped that the event would get canceled due to the threat of rain, however the rain just sprinkled during registration and was done before we ever started shooting!
The first stage that I shot was Stage #5, I got 67.32 seconds and down 20. Due to a 4 hour safety class the evening before I had a lot of the fundamentals freshly drilled into my brain. I was nervous, but I seemed to remember to have a good shooting stance and form. Later, the husband remarked, “It was like you were a completely different person, you were shooting head shots at 15 yards!” 
Stage #1 was easily my most difficult stage, it took me just 40 seconds or so to figure out how to get situated! I got 95.23 seconds and 23 down. Obviously, I need to practice this.
Stage #2 was probably my favorite, I got 48.48 with 14 down. It was in the Postal Match, so I’ll be able to compare my scores to others. The scenario was that you were an air Marshall when a threat occurs on the plane. This was the only stage for the day with a non threat target. I did end up hitting it, but I struck between the fingers which was neat. 
Stage #3, I earned 27.83 seconds with 7 down.
Stage #4, I earned 47.29 with 12 down.
Overall, I was very proud with my performance. I returned home feeling very competent with my firearms abilities. One of my favorite things about IDPA is that it helps me to train defensive skills that I may actually need one day to defend my life or the lives of my loved ones. I scored 286.15 which was the best in my category, which I was the only one to compete in for that day. I was also the only female. My goal was to improve was accomplished, and I just need to continue to improve!

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