Clocked Over 200 Internship Hours!

I know it has been awhile since I updated you on the progress of my internship…and now I’m just so excited I could burst. I keep going around telling all of the other staff at my site where I’ve arrived!


Here are the stats: Week #15 of internship: 44.25 Face to Face, 7.5 Individual Supervision, 7 Group Supervision, 159.5 Related Activity hours for a grand total of 218.25 hours!

Preparation work the beginning of this week finally put me over the top. It is beyond exciting that I’ve finished 1/3 of the total hours that I need, and daily growing closer to that halfway mark. Also, for face to face 240 hours total are required. This means that since I have 44.25 hours I’ve cracked that 200 number! I know this is just in my head, but having 196 hours of face to face remaining seems like a MUCH smaller number than 200.

As for my activities until very recently most of my time was still spent doing co therapy, especially in the form of family therapy. I’ll do a post soon about important theories and techniques that I’ve learned in that area soon. Another area of development/practice include premarital sessions based on Prepare Enrich which I may have the opportunity to become certified in later this summer.

What is incredibly exciting is that I’ve had 2 new clients within the past few weeks, and have 4 new clients this week. When it rains it pours I guess!

One technique that I developed the other week is helping clients studying the Bible. When we meet our clients we have no idea how they’ve been taught about the fundamentals in the Bible or other baggage that they may have that is affecting their spiritual growth. If you hear them say things like “Reading the Bible doesn’t work” I encourage you to challenge them, ask them “well how did you expect it to work?” I think it is easy for us as Christians to read certain verses and when we struggle with accepting them, instead of wrestling with them and pushing into our relationship with Jesus, we pull away avoiding the discomfort that we have allowing room for doubt. Instead, when we or our clients encounter aspects of the faith that we don’t understand, or don’t feel like is working we can be comforted knowing that like the man in Mark 9 we can grow in our faith when we honestly express it. Jesus calls the man out for his disbelief and the man replies:

Mark 9:24 Immediately the father of the child cried out and said, “I believe; help my unbelief!”

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