Clocked 300 Internship Hours

In reading that title many of you who remember the final count is 600 may be overexcited for me, thinking “she’s halfway there!” However, once you see my hour breakdown you’ll realize why I can’t make that claim. Here are my stats at the beginning of week #19:  70 face to face hours, 10.5 individual supervision hours, 8 group supervision hours, and 211.5 related activities hours for a grand total of 300 hours!

It is exciting to see that progress accumulate, likely though it will still take me 2 more semesters to complete the required hours for each category. This means as well that I could end up with as many as 900 hours total because of my tendency to read as many materials as possible and assisting the office manager with office tasks. I’m okay with that though, more experience the better!

This past week has been pretty discouraging for me as I’ve experienced more of the lows of counseling. I’ve had to remember to not base my security in my calling on just my counseling highs/successes, but in the foundation of Christ.

Just like many rejected the truth of Jesus we will have many clients who walk out on us without word, simply cancelling or just never rescheduling a session after the intake. In those and any counseling lows we may experience we need to remember that it isn’t about us.

I think of the story Jesus tells about the grain falling on the soil in Matthew 13. In this parable Jesus tells us that some of the seeds of truth fell by the roadside, others on rocky ground, another group fell among thorns, and only a small portion found good soul to reside in to grow a crop. In this way we cannot control how our clients receive our counseling assistance, we can only be faithful to the message.

That being said, of course we also have a responsibility to analyze ourselves to see how we could have affected the soil to reject the messages we were sharing. We need to continue to pray to God to grow us spiritually, teaching us to yield to His plan for those who come to us in pain. Also, we continue our supervision and other education to grow in all skilled areas. We keep on keeping on. I keep praying that God will help me be faithful to those that He brings me. When we have those moments where we are on a high “setting the captives free” we remain balanced remembered that likely someone else tried to work with that ground/crop before and maybe they walked away…but for whatever reason this time the environment was perfect for that client to bloom.

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