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About a month ago husband competed in the first ever IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association, match in our area, as a new chapter had opened at a local tactical training center. I took his video and some pictures and planned to post about them. In watching him I realized that this was something that I could do. At IDPA matches there is definitely a level of competition, but most importantly is the opportunity to practice skills that could be used in the defensive use of my handgun in a real situation. Usually there are stages or events that are built around various scenarios. The great thing is that IDPA regularly has matches once a month, so this month, because it was a newer league/chapter, they held a Classifier. Anyone who wants to compete in an official match must go to one of these events, where you will be ranked to know which level you would compete at.

I was very excited to go. These stages were more basic, shooting in specific sequences, walking while shooting, shooting with only your weak hand, and shooting from behind cover. My goal in shooting this, was honestly just the experience of it. I’ve been shooting for the past 2-3 years off and on, so I’m not brand new, but a lot of my fundamentals are still lacking because of some bad habits that I learned. It would be very easy for me to become overly focused on the score, but I knew that no matter what I did that I’d still probably be ranked “Novice” (which is the lowest category).

Welp. I had a couple of extra chances in the beginning of stage 1, the video is actually the “third take.” My first attempt I was limp-wristing, so a stove pipe malfunction occurred. Husband had specifically practiced these types of malfunctions with me, and how to quickly clear them. Therefore, I was not shocked when this occurred, and even my Safety Officer commented that I “cleared it like a pro.” However, this caused me to have the wrong number of rounds to finish the strings for that stage.

On my second attempt I shot through half of the first string, and a piece of hot brass flew into my face. That isn’t unusual so I continued, however became very alarmed once I realized that piece of brass was stuck underneath my glasses. In my head I handled this a lot better, and was unfortunately forced to face how badly I reacted while watching the video. I did the “girl reaction” which included spinning around and sweeping my husband while I could not guarantee that my finger was off the trigger :-/ Fail. And I have a lovely little burn next to my eyebrow. Its okay, I’m proud of my battle wounds.

I did better than I expected. I’ve never shot using the beeper timer, and never shot in any sort of competitive match. So this just helps me to have less nerves in the next actual competition. In any of the videos you can tell that I shoot low, I end up shooting a lot of dirt/gravel. Basically, in a self defense situation I’ll just shoot the bad guys ankles…I bet they’d still run away :0)

My overall score was a 317 I was still a Novice, and husband’s score was 148.68; he classified as a SharpShooter. Another friend who competed in our group shot amazingly well, shooting a 212 when he needed a 210 to classify as a Marksman. I could be very discouraged by my high score (mainly for shooting too quickly and too low that I missed about 80% of the targets in Stage 3). But, I am accepting it, and I know that my score can only get better from here!

You can see the tiny burn mark right below my eyebrow.

Below are one of the videos, more should be posted to my youtube in the future:

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