Christmas’d In Upstate NY in 2014

This Christmas we were able to travel to visit husband’s family in Upstate.

IMG_7406 IMG_7405 IMG_7387

Mom and I made cookies again…which I horribly butchered. Seriously, I can’t even make cookies in as nice a shape as my mother in law. PLUS, the recipe set me up for failure with waaaay too much baking soda/powder.

IMG_7419 IMG_7422

IMG_7429 IMG_7432



We were fed lots of yummy meals.

Even the puppies got to help clean the dishes.


We got to play a fun game with his sister and her hubby. We actually won Forbidden Island and defeated the board the second time around!

IMG_7561 IMG_7555 IMG_7544 IMG_7540

I got to snuggle with his brother’s handsome pit bull named Boo. Larger dogs may droll and smell more, but they are also warmer.


Christmas Day was so much fun. I was goofy elated, watching the Disney Christmas Frozen Spectacular while breakfast was set up.


IMG_7715 IMG_7761 IMG_7734 IMG_7723 IMG_7687


The rest of the trip went by quickly, but was great. Such a good nurturing time with his family. I’m so grateful for the way that they love on me and have adopted me into their crazy family :0).

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