Christmas Towned at Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens would open for Christmas festivities when I move away from the tidewater. BUT, in 2014 I finally got to go!

After an awesome time getting to meet a penguin, we explored Williamsburg, and then returned to the park.

2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_388

2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_394

I’d read to get there early, and I would definitely agree with this. The rides have shorter lines, and the air is slightly less chilly for the wind in your face rides.

2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_406 2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_432

It was sad to not revisit my roller coaster favs of Apollo’s Chariot and Loch Ness Monster, but it was great all the same.

2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_562 2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_524

We purposely took our time, and I enjoyed having a photographer to take pictures since he didn’t enjoy the rides as much.

2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_669 2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_596 2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_579 2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_566 2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_899

The best time to photograph the lights is during the golden hour when the sun sets but there is still some light. However, husband and I ended up catching the Scrooge, No More show at this time, so whoops.

2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_704 2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_1016 2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_738

The lights were pretty, even if challenging to photograph.

2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_1122 2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_969 2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_920 2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_914 2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_838

I’m glad to say that we did the park trip up right. We took our time, circled the park once in daylight and another in the dark. We sat down and people watched over wassail, funnel cake, hot prezels, and hot chocolate. For the record, they sell hot chocolate everywhere at kiosks around the park, but if you want more options get your hot chocolate from the Cocoa Cafe in Holiday Hills.

2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_1121

A fun date night, but somehow I neglected to get a picture of the both of us :-/.

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