Challenged My Mane Style

Hello April!

2015-02-25 12.00.59

This month I’m thinking a light-hearted challenge: 30 days of different hairstyles!

Back in February I went to the hairstylist. In preparing for this hairdo appointment I was brainstorming for AGES trying to figure out what I wanted. My first instinct was the cut it all off, I was tired of it being filled with static and stringy, despite hubby’s love for the long hair.

BUT, I was brushing it in the mirror a few days before the appointment and realized that I like its silky longness, and it really can be beautiful, so I planned to keep it. If I cut it short now, it’d be awhile before it would be long enough to try all of those fun braids that I keep telling myself that I’m going to try…so I decided to get it highlighted instead!

Dimension for the win!

Now is the time for this fun challenge, I need to try to learn all of these crazy braids that I see on Pinterest. As someone interested in Youth Ministry it really is time that I learn how to do a french braid, let alone how pretty are those waterfall braids.

Its going to take determination, patience, and YOU! I figured I needed some accountability to keep up with this, so find my on my instagram with #erinsmaneevent (This pun may or may not have been crafted while listing to my Disney station on Pandora).

Got some good hairstyles you think I should try? Feel free to send them my way!

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