Celebrated Our 4th Anniversary

This adventure was my favorite yet for one of our anniversaries!


Phase 1 included driving by the entrance to the Bodie Lighthouse on a whim. There were several other cars parked outside the “govt shutdown sign.” We figured that the mile walk couldn’t be that bad.. I mean I’d been training for a 5k at that time…I could jog a mile!


Heh, little did we know that there were blood thirsty mosquitoes (obviously in league with the govt) to chomp on us as our inappropriately clad feet earned sores.


The lot of course was empty, though we did see a few other people documenting their time at the lighthouse.


I’d visited this one before on a girl’s camp out trip. Then, the lighthouse was in the middle of renovations. Now, it had reopened and you could climb inside! After last year’s light house, I didn’t mind only seeing the outside.



IMG_4171 IMG_6519

I was feeling a little impish, and when I pictured the entire adventure, I daydreamed about posing while touching the base of the light house. Apparently, it was gated, so I just needed to invoke my country girl skills and hop the fence.




After phase 1 we returned back to the beach house and soaked our bruised/burnt feet in the pool.

Phase 2 included photography on a beautiful pier. We walked around, hoping to see someone reeling in a fish. One cool thing that we did see, however, was another couple getting married over on the beach!








I really have such a great catch ;0).


Phase 3 was a delicious dinner! The dinner was on this really cool structure as part of the restaurant. We actually got to eat on a pirate’s ship! We were able to watch the sun set over the Roanoke Sound.

IMG_4212 IMG_4229 IMG_4227 IMG_4232


Husband even had fun getting some pictures!



While I was taking pictures this yummy dish arrived:



Seriously! Best anniversary ever.

IMG_4222 IMG_4226

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