Celebrated My Husband’s 26th Bday/Cuddled a Wolf

I’ve found a new use for #throwbackthursday posts…to help post articles that are a few weeks past! (I promise I don’t procrastinate…it’s just that life happens).

At the beginning of this month I had the opportunity to celebrate my husband’s 26th birthday. It was in the middle of the week, and we live in a small apartment, but in discussing his social desires with a friend, this friend agreed to let us borrow his house to throw a bash.

My husband titled it a “Crazy Libertarian Bash” on the facebook invite, causing me to have some anxiety about the event. He also invited friends from several different friend groups, which increased the anxiety. I tried explaining this to him before the event,  the pressures the wife can face as the predetermined “hostess” basically that I feel responsible to mingle and help create a cohesive environment. We just laughed at the differences between us, my husband picturing me to be happy as a hermit, and me picturing him as “disgustingly extroverted.” I’m truly not an introvert, any of you could attest to my loquaciousness, however, my husband makes anyone look like the biggest introvert with his ability to talk to a stranger and make a new best friend.

One thing I’d like to highlight though, is the way he uses his social abilities. I’ve seen other people talk to others to build themselves up, to meet famous people, to brag about who they’ve met, or to simply make themselves feel popular. Husband has that sort of desire, but his people oriented-ness really shares his heart. In his aims of meeting new people, it is always about the other person, trying to get them to laugh, to feel better about their days. He frequently compliments our female friends, especially our single friends, as a Christian brother, wanting them to know how beautiful the Lord thinks they are.

Quick rabbit trail to brag a little on my husband: in college I prayed specifically for God to give me a ministry partner. Back in those days I was a youth ministry major and planned on serving in a ministry position in a local church. God granted me someone working in the IT field, with a passion for people, but with a desire to support himself with an outside career. For awhile I wondered how God would work this out, being confident that He had brought my husband in answer to my prayers. In the end, I think my husband teaches me more about real life ministry than my classes ever did (which is saying a lot considering the awesome examples I learned under). He is ministry oriented without seeking a position to serve from. He truly SEES people, if that makes sense. His heart goes out for the homeless on the street. He’s not afraid to talk with them, or buy them lunch. He does ministry “outside of the box” that sometimes ministry majors turn it into. Basically, I’m a ridiculously lucky girl to be blessed by such a great ministry partner in my life :0).

So, of course, when the giant crowd of people arrived, I didn’t have to worry about being the hostess as my husband is a great socializer and mingler. Surprisingly, despite the different “friend groups” there everyone meshed really well. I think this shows the way that my husband is incredible about loving the people around him.

I was happy to see some of these traits observed and commented on by others. Our friend made him an incredibly awesome cake. (She also made our awesome wedding cake!). The cake’s design was a surprise, but definitely fits my husband’s character with the Gadsden flag, voluntaryst colors, and AR-15. I laughed thinking that the cake was now an “assault cake.” The rifle was made out of rice crispy treats and covered in fondant.




After singing to the birthday boy had ended, my husband took it upon himself to serve everyone slices of cake. A few people were surprised that someone else wasn’t cutting the cake in his stead. However, this is truly the servant husband I married :0).

Another friend of ours brought an awesome new member of their family to the party, a 7 week old tame wolf. She was adorable! Her paws are giant, you can tell she’s going to grow up to be a large dog. It was fascinating learning about her diet, and other behavioral aspects of owning an exotic animal. A few of us even managed to coo an adorable baby howl out of her; it was priceless! Daisy the beagle was not so certain of the wolf puppy.






Most of the evening was spent snacking around the bonfire as husband invented crazy stories. We laughed the night away.




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