Celebrated my 25th Birthday

25th Birthday CardThis was actually much earlier this month, but in the midst of suddenly working a full time schedule in the office of my internship location, learning the job while trying to answer three different busy phone lines and training our new office manager while I was still learning it myself was a smidge crazy!

I had hoped to have more time at home to continue cleaning and preparing for my counseling schedule, but in the absence of an office manager I was our back up. I’d only observed the previous office manager a few times, so I was beyond nervous, but by the end of the first week I could tell my supervisor and the Director were really impressed with me. Due to my previous office experience (and no doubt, help from Jesus) I was able to rise to the crisis situation of the occasion and get our office back on track.

That Tuesday I didn’t tell anyone that it was my birthday, I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it when our center was already going through transitions etc. I was grateful that our potential hire was there to learn and to potentially be taken on. During my lunch break I was overwhelmed by the calmness I felt. I knew that God had answered my prayers about providing us a new office manager, and helping me to have a stress less birthday.

We ended up making plans to go out to dinner with some of our closest friends. Ruby Tuesday sent me a coupon for a dessert on my birthday, so we got two cupcakes. Decided to give the other cupcake to said pregnant friend :0).

Ruby Tuesday Cupcake Afterwards we went to a local frozen yogurt location and talked for awhile. (I have missed those hanging out moments where you get lost in conversations for hours–we used to have them more frequently while we were in college). While there, I saw these ribbon wrapped vases on the tables. The inner crafter (and semi ocd person) inside of me was aghast at how it was simply knotted in less than pretty fashion. I finally succumbed to the temptation, un-tied it and wrapped its short lengths into a fairly decent bow. Not going to lie, I was pretty proud of myself.

Ribbons Before and After

The next day we had a staff meeting and were recognizing the birthday of another counselor there. Upon seeing the ice cream birthday cake I stated, “oh! I didn’t know cake was involved, otherwise I would have told you that my birthday was yesterday!” To which my director questioned me about not telling her. I told her, “It’s okay, you got me an office manager for my birthday” and I teased our new office manager about being my birthday present!

Note to self…ice cream cake must be thawed in advance of cutting. Picture several professional licensed counselors standing around cutting this frozen cake with a teeny pocket knife and learn this life lesson.

Seriously though in some ways I feel like this birthday was lost in the shuffle of daily life, but it was still really special and exciting, mostly due to my very sweet husband. I feel like I especially was spoiled for this birthday! I got my old faithful inside the waistband holster (review to follow soon), my tshirt quilt from The Running Stitch,2 pairs of pretty earrings, and 2 pink AR mags. The latter was mostly just because he saw them there at the store, but one day we’ll be creating an AR-15 for me with pink furniture. I’m a sucker for anything in tactical pink!

Pink IWB Old Faithful Holster


Giant Pearl Earrings 4mm White Topaz Earrings

Pink AR Magazines

This birthday does give me pause for reflection. I’m finally 25! I don’t feel any different, but this is one of “those birthdays” for me. This was meant to bring with it a sense of accomplishment. I hope now I’m leaning more towards the age break down of adult instead of how some classify young adults as teenagers or “kids.” Getting older does scare me in a sense though as there are several “big life” things that await us in the future. Things like owning a house orhaving our own children. Things that I know I’m not selfless enough, but also that I do want someday. Ideally, I’d want to have children before I’m 30, probably no later than 27 (but that is scary to think about because it is only 2 years away!!!).

We’ll see, God is in control, and He knows our futures.

2 thoughts on “Celebrated my 25th Birthday

  1. I know from personal experience that a) G-d’s timing really is perfect, and b) few things have helped mature me as a person, a woman, and a child of G-d as being a mom has. Despite having looked forward to it as far back as I can remember, there wasn’t really such a thing as “being ready” for it. It’s good that you have some awareness of your struggle to love others selflessly, though be careful you don’t sell yourself short. I think this is just another realm that G-d uses for our sanctification. I know that I still sin- more than I’d like to admit- and that now my daughter’s at the age where she is able to remember my mistakes and easily influenced by my behavior. I tell you it is very humbling to be rebuked rightfully on occasion by a four year old. However, I am so very grateful for the chance to be a mom because it is such a precious gift. I have such a greater appreciation for G-d and how He relates to me that I see mirrored often and imperfectly in the way I am able to relate to my daughter. I hope that you do get to have children relatively soon, and in G-d’s perfect timing, because I know it is one of the greatest blessings I have in my life and I believe it will be just as amazing for you too. I am happy for you also as it seems evident that you and your husband already have a good foundation together in G-d, and THAT is probably one of the best and most vital things you can offer a child in addition to meeting their physical needs. G-d bless and happy holidays!

    • That is such a good point, thank you for sharing! I think it is just intimidating, more than anything else. I can’t imagine being rebuked by a 4 year old! I know too that I have a serious patience issue. One week after being married we decided to buy a beagle. This was definitely not our brightest idea as we were still getting used to each other and learning to communicate! Let alone beagles are some of the most stubborn breeds, plus my husband was working night shift at the time. This puppy tested my patience beyond my expectations. I would take it personally when she decided to knock ornaments off the tree. I sincerely felt like she was trying to ruin our first Christmas together! That experience really showed me that with kids I’d struggle with liking them the most when they obeyed me. Though I know as well it’d be different with my own child versus a puppy. One day though. I think its just the scary thought of commitment, you can’t change your mind, you’ll be a mom forever! Crazy.

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