Celebrated 2013!

I spent most of today finally blogging about any events from 2012 that I’d been procrastinating about. This afforded me the opportunity to review some of my favorite moments and memories from this past year.

Through 2012 I continued to be politically active. By participating in Lobby Day, and making sure to vote in all elections primary or otherwise. Also, I spent a lot of time wrestling with my political and religious beliefs, seeking to honor God in all of my choices.

I was able to watch Hunger Games with my friends, and do other fun things like eating at cook out and chipotle, and Texas de Brazil.

This year we moved our Xtreme Impact office to the other side of campus and got to have a fantastic last year of ministry in Italy!

I was able to donate my hair, and write a novel!

I become more technologically advanced, getting a smart phone. Then was surprised when some of my best friends were moving to town. We were able to celebrate their baby both in shower and meeting.

I participated in firearms competitions, more to post once husband finishes editing other videos. I found out that I was better at certain matches, rather than others. We even were asked to leave Subway by a police officer when we were not doing anything.

One of the most dramatic things in my life has been the struggle to find an internship over the past few years. God finally brought one into my life, and within beginning my internship, He showed me the purpose for His perfect timing. It is beyond incredible to me that I’m actually practicing skills that I’ve learned in classes.

Husband and I had the opportunity to take a real vacation this summer, let alone be allowed to ride a roller coaster the day before it opened to the public.

We definitely had a lot of travel that took us to Kentucky where I was able to serve as a Maid of Honor, then Richmond to visit his sister and her husband, and then back up to New York for Thanksgiving!

Probably my proudest moment in 2012 was watching my husband watch across the graduation stage. I know he didn’t feel like receiving a piece of paper was important. However, his parents and I enjoyed watching him receive credit for his hard work.

Ironically, when we were hanging out with our friends on New Year’s Eve, we forgot to bring a bottle opener with us…so husband was able to redneck it with a nail and hammer. I was very entertained.


Through 2012 there were many fun moments, sad moments, things that ended, and new beginnings. It is good to take this time to reflect, but to not get so stuck in the past that we will be blind when God opens new doors for us.

Isaiah 43:19 Look at the new thing I am going to do.
It is already happening. Don’t you see it?
I will make a road in the desert
and rivers in the dry land.

In 2013 I’m excited about many things. I’m most looking forward to continuing my internship and learning to serve God better. I’m anxious to see what He has planned for my 25th year of life.

Also, the last day of 2012 we finally caved and used my unexpected paycheck from working as the office manager and put it towards a more expensive item that we’ve been wanting to get. On Thursday I’ll be the proud owner of a Canon DSLR!!! I cannot wait.

Welcome to the New Year!

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