Celebrated 2 Years of Marriage !

On this day two years ago, the hubster and I got married! (Mawwage is wat bwings us togefer, todahy, wuv, twu wuv, that bwessed awwwangement….)

Its kind of exciting! I can’t believe its been two years…and five total that we’ve been together. Can I say, that marriage is definitely a growing process?

We are going out to see Wicked later this week, but we decided to go out to eat tonight. However, once we both got home from work we realized that we were really too tired to go out to eat. So, the husband says, “well we can just go to Olive Garden later this week…” Instead, I googled, and it so happens that Olive Garden’s full menu is available “to go.” So, I said we could do this on one condition…there had better be some Olive Garden bread sticks included (which, is the only thing I was disappointed in from the “to go” box….you only get four bread sticks. However, pluses include the full menu, prices are the same, you get a giant salad with which you get crutons and grated asiago cheese packets, your entree, as well as yummy Andes after dinner mints. Basically, you almost get the full experience of eating in the restaurant)

I guess then, that the husband and I have already turned into old fogies who’d rather eat a home than go out. Me, I’m happy eating Italian food with my favorite Italian :0). Here’s to a lifetime of comfy dinners spent at home!

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