Braved the Flooded Footpath

It is the last day of March, so time to review how I did on my goal of living bravely this past month.

2015-03-08-Park Day_226edit

In review, I’d say that I have more of an awareness of how much and which areas of my life I tend to be the laziest or where I’m the least brave. I haven’t made as much progress over changing these tendencies, yet. Honestly, sometimes I follow my habits so easily that I don’t even realize that I’m trapped by then until it is too late. This is especially the case when I hesitate in relationships.

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One of my most enjoyable moments of bravery happened early in the month. Hubby, puppy, and I decided to take advantage of one of the sunny warm pre-Spring days, so we headed to a local park.

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It was a park I’d been wanting to visit for ages, since there is a dam with moving water to photograph. The spray off of the mill was still frozen due to the lower temperatures and frosts.

2015-03-08-Park Day_41edit

There was still snow in the ground in some shaded areas.

2015-03-08-Park Day_92edit

Part of the path involves a cement footbridge across the creek. Almost a foot of water crossed it in some places, caused by debris stuck in the drainage pipes. I had a distinct moment of “I want to cross to see what is on the other side.” However, the water was likely cold and I didn’t want to fall in either.

2015-03-08-Park Day_223

The “challenge to do the thing I hesitate against,” pushed me to do it! I rolled up my pants and treaded across. Then, hubby suggested I take Daisy across since my feet were wet anyways.

2015-03-08-Park Day_240edit 2015-03-08-Park Day_233

I’d worn my faux boat shoes due to cuteness factor, but it turned out to be useful when they quickly dried.

2015-03-08-Park Day_128edit

Out family had fun, even if Daisy did fall into the creek while baying at geese who had flown away from her. Life is so hard as a beagle!

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Here’s to living a life more intentional and less driven by fear or comfort.

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