Been Snowed-In in Florida

I had a great trip in Florida escaping the winter, feeding penguins, hanging out with family and piloting boats, then Florida (and the Polar Vortex) decided to kidnap me!

Seeing the forecast I tried to movie my flight up a day. To send me off Dad gave me the perfect evening at a delicious seafood restaurant.  As a local, he knows that the best seafood isn’t necessarily on the coast; the best view doesn’t mean the best food.

Florida 2014_641

We had Ah-May-Zing crab legs and shrimp. Seriously some of the best I’ve ever had. And heck yes I wear the crab seafood bib with pride. Our shrimp was brought to us with its head still on, looking a lot like crawdads. Surprisingly, until that moment, I never realized that all the other shrimp I’ve been served was without their heads. Honestly, I think I prefer it that way.

Florida 2014_642

One thing I will say about United is that is that I was email notified the moment that my flight was cancelled, and they cancelled it the night before. My problem wasn’t the weather in Pensacola, it was that the storm was debilitating my connecting location. So I tried to fight it and reschedule and reschedule.

Finally, I gave in and set up a flight for when I hoped everything would be clear, and planned to chill till Friday. My dad had to go back to work this week, but at least I could hang out, play computer games, and cuddle with his miniature poodle, Kuro.

Florida 2014_640

My -real- last night I had to go and say goodbye to the ocean. Also, couldn’t help teasing my friends back home by making my own “snow angel” in the gorgeous white sand.

Florida 2014_653

Florida 2014_657 Florida 2014_654

This meant that I got to travel on Valentine’s Day to see my valentine, even if I also got a TSA freedom grope. I went home to a couple feet of snow, so our best friend picked me up in a truck. Talk about a cold shock!

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