Been Overwhelmed By God’s Blessings (Car Wreck Recovery Week #4)

I’m sure that we will be overwhelmed by God’s grace many times in our life, but this past week definitely had us in humbled tears.

Let alone that our communication as been very good, given the fact that in order to have someone help you asking them nicely goes a long way. God decided to share many other blessings with us this past week!


Tuesday, husband got a call from the insurance office. Apparently, my sunglasses had flown off my face and landed instead somewhere near the other lady’s car! Therefore,  the EMT’s had given them to her. So she’d stop by the local office to get them returned back to me. I was very skeptical about what kind of condition they would be in, given the condition of the car. However, I hoped they would look fine, otherwise what would be the point of returning mangled glasses?


It was sweet to hear about her going out of her way to get my property back to me, given she may not even have a car anymore. Also, since they specifically said she brought them in, I hope it means she’s doing better. In these things they do not tell you, and the claim has still not closed/resolved.


Husband picked them up and brought them to me. Honestly, I’m pretty sure they would be in worse condition if I just dropped them on the floor. I have no idea how they are not more damaged! Upon inspection there were very few scratches, and only on the sides where it wouldn’t affect my vision.


Upon their return I felt very humbled! I felt embarrassed knowing how much I’ve been whining/missing them. Each time we were outside or at the pool I’d say “I really miss my prescription sunglasses.” They were the first pair of sunglasses I’d ever owned and they helped to me actually enjoy Venice the second time.  It feel materialistic to get excited over these, but to me it is a symbol of how God protected me. It is another way I can brag about how He spared my life, and really went “above and beyond” with allowing a few of the things I treasure to remain in tact as well. Also, these will make our OBX trip at the end of September much more pleasant!

That was not the only way that God chose to bless us. On Wednesday, husband was called into the office. I always fear the worst, so I wondered if he was in trouble or something for working from home so many days during my recovery. Instead, when he picks me up from work he explains that he was told “We love you” by his dept’s Administrative Assistant and handed two envelopes. One contained cash, another contained two larger checks. I held my breath and looked at the amounts and just about began to cry. They’d added a note which contained was from Acts about the unity of the believers and selling their possessions to give to whomever was in need.

The gifted amounts between them and from another friend and his church pretty much cover most of our medical bills! It is incredible to see God taking care of us, because expensive medical bills are scary! The Body of Christ is amazing, and I’m so appreciative to them.

I began walking more that week, returning to my Couch 2 5k training.

I missed my car and reflected on how God brought the car to me in the first place. It definitely wasn’t love at first sight…but now I can tell that God ordained me to have this great first car on purpose.

Towards the end of the week we had a Pinterest Party with my Sunday School class. It was such a fun girly bonding time. It was also entertaining as my husband and the leader of the class were downstairs gaming while said party happened. They wanted to eat the snacks and well the problems of owning one car and still avoiding driving on the highways.

Then, we ended the week with an photography adventure visiting an old still functioning cemetery in the area!

Overall, I’m doing very well. My back doesn’t hurt very much at all…it is just my right pelvic bone where it connects to the back of my leg is sore, I’m guessing from a bruise? Not really sure. But the pain has drastically reduced over the past few weeks.

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