Been Invited to the VIP Verbolten Launch Party

My newfangled smart phone has officially paid for itself!

Due to the use of my smart phone, I have decided to actually use my twitter account. I feel like to take full use of that social media outlet, you need to have an Internet enabled device at all times to post your random thoughts/life events, etc. (And now I do!)

In order to stalk more information about my favorite theme park Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, and learn more about their new coaster, I decided to follow them.

 Then, I heard about this contest that they were running, 25 winners each with a guest would be invited to attend the launch party before the ride officially opens the next day! To enter the competition you needed to photo-shop your faces into this cartoon picture of Verbolten, and develop a clever catch phrase that you’d be screaming while careening to your death. Once the photo was created, we were instructed to write 200-300 words explaining why we should be invited to the party. After reviewing the requirements I decided it would be worth my time to try. Many times if there are competitions that require you to earn a certain amount of votes by other people, I don’t even try because I do not want to be that annoying person asking for votes. However, I felt like I had a decent shot at this contest, so I entered. (I got the husband to do the more difficult photo-shopping part, while I waxed nostalgic of my love of the park—it basically was my home when I was a teen).

A few days later I saw that they’d announced the winners, and I actually saw my name listed. The next day around noon we received the official email asking us to RSVP (umm cha??) and providing more details about the event. It sounds pretty fancy! I am sooo excited! I haven’t even been to the park since maybe 2007 or 2008?

The husband and I will likely be tweeting about it all day Thursday evening, so you’ll want to stay posted for those pictures and updates! Afterwards (probably a day or so) I’ll post my full review of the VIP event and the ride itself.

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