Been Fully Recovered (Car Wreck Recovery Week #6)

I’ve just completed the last official recovery week, and along with it the majority of the summer. It is crazy to think that with the diagnosis of the break to my transverse process I believed that my adventures for the summer were over, but God has allowed me to heal so quickly! I’m definitely not perfectly healed yet, so I still ask for your prayers! I think the break has healed, my back feels fine. However, my right Ischial Tuberosity (aka your “sit bone”) has remained sore from the beginning, so I’m guessing I bruised it pretty badly. It only hurts when leaning on it (getting dressed), sitting on the floor, going from sitting to standing, jogging, or after walking a lot.



The only other slow part of my healing is my driving anxiety. It got worse the past few weeks…I think because I let my overactive imagination dwell on it. If I could have someone drive me around for the rest of my life, I would. Cars are beyond scary to me, and its draining to HAVE to practice positive self talk. Telling myself “you’re okay, you’re okay” and trying to focus on the positives of my driving abilities. Please pray for continued recovery in this area.

This week has been a pretty intense one filled with emotions and new experiences!

The beginning of this week Husband had the interview that he was supposed to have this past week. It has been fulfilling my heart to see other companies try and woo him. I like the idea of him feeling more respected for his skills. However, that meant having some difficult decisions and prayer together. I (my “C” self) decided to chart these opportunities out with colorful markers in a Pro/Con list. It was difficult, but we ended up deciding against one awesome opportunity (at a much nicer salary), realizing that salary isn’t everything if it means giving up our new church and ministries that we are apart of in order to move to said location. It was very scary and involved a lot of faith in God and husband to say “no” to such a great opportunity, the kind of opportunity that I felt really could have jump started our future of a house, kids, etc.

Instead, we realized that money isn’t everything, and with lifestyle choices we didn’t need that larger salary. So please join us in praying about another local opportunity as we gauge and try to discern God’s will.

Also, if you have any great couponing tips PLEASE TELL ME! We did a grocery store run, getting sandwich stuff, to reduce going out to eat. I’m great at couponing and waiting for clothing sales, but have no idea how to shop for grocery items or other household items with coupons. Hopefully, I can honor God by becoming the next couponing queen and managing my household like the Proverbs 31 woman.

Thursday, it suddenly dawned on husband and I that my 17 year old cat, Wildthing, was looking very thin and weak. The previous weekend, we’d noticed that she seemed to be having difficulty using the facilities, and was hiding in the storage closet. However, we discussed it and realized she hadn’t eaten or pooped in about a week. I became very upset realizing that something was wrong with her, and I worried that she was in pain. Husband googled that giving her a warm bath might help her system, so we tried it. I wrapped her in a towel and just held her clothes. At this point my normally “picture taking begrudgingly” husband decides of his own accord to grab the camera and click away. He was insistent that she could be dying and that I should get pictures with her now, while I had the chance. So, there were awesome pictures of me, red faced, crying, has I held the cat I’d have since childhood. Then, I’d think about the fact that this cat, whenever I’d cried growing up, would run to me and start licking my tears, and start bawling all over again.


The next morning there was tiny present on our floor, and for once in my life I was beyond excited. When I returned from work she’d left another one! She sniffed her food, and actually began eating. I kept petting her, telling her how wonderful she was! I was such a proud fur mommy! She’s been voracious ever since. Each day more and more of her personality and energy has been restored, including her mouthiness when hungry, and sharpening her claws on the side of the couch. I’m so happy that I’ll have a little more time to spend with her, but not happy about knowing her demise must be pretty soon.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday was a reunion of the roommates from my freshman year. One of them had just moved back home with her hubby, while the other one has been away at missionary training school, and potentially plans to be on the field in April! It is crazy to sit around watching movies, eating ice cream, shopping, and of course playing with Baby Auri!

IMG_3920 IMG_3928 IMG_3935

Early afternoon Saturday we went to the beach before the other roomie showed up. I couldn’t believe how beautiful the man made beach was on the side of the lake. Of course there were also a pack of butterflies that went scattering whenever I was around them. Auri is looking as adorable as ever!













Then, that evening was our “main event.” We’d just finished reading  Anna Karenina, which is a great piece of artwork that only took us 9 weeks to devour! Which we’d meet to video chat after each section. You can read more about the book review on our book review site. The movie was very artistically done, but very surreal and subtle. I’m just exciting to be reading books with friends again! We’ve already begun brainstorming our next books. I’m in geeky heaven! The best friends are the ones you can share books with 🙂


Sunday we took advantage of the tax free weekend, sales, and coupons at the local Kohls (my favorite place to find new clothes). Lots of adorable outfits were found for Auri, who was very calm through her shopping experience…though I’m sure it helped to have several “Aunties” to distract and hold her. I went in looking for dressy shirts for work, and instead found 2 dresses which could easily be used for work, for only $10.00. :0)

Then, once one grumpy burglar was put to sleep, there was ice cream and an attempt to convert 2 of the other girls into Downton Abbey addicts. I’m not sure if it was successful because I needed to leave in the middle of the first episode. But, I have faith in my comrade in arms.

This past week I was also able to recomplete my progress in the Couch 2 5k running program!!

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