Been at Guest at Broadway Beauty and the Beast

This past week I had the opportunity to attend another musical production, this time it was part of a National Broadway tour…and one of my favorite stories of all time “Beauty and the Beast”! I planned this earlier in the year when I saw the advertisement…then when I saw that the only showing near me was also on my husband’s birthday I actually had the audacity to ask if we could see it…and like he said we could dance to “Tale as Old as Time” at the wedding (suffering his family calling him “the Beast” due to his beard), he actually said yes!

He let me drag him to this performance amidst the six and seven year old little girls in their yellow Belle ball gowns on his 24th birthday…have I mentioned that my husband is ridiculously patient, wonderful, and understanding?

I really wanted this shirt…but its $30!!

The performance was amazing! The day began stressful, trying to make it to the theatre on time (we were running late  since we were driving to another city), and we were threatened with being barred from the first ten minutes! However, we managed to get to our seats in time. I loved watching the familiar scenes and songs unfold. I actually paid more attention to the supporting actors, Lafou and Madame de la  Grande Bouche (the dresser) were particularly good. Lafou’s character was literally beat up or tripping at every turn, and Madame was once an Opera singer before she was enchanted. She actually had drawers in the sides of her giant costume. There were also some other songs not in the Disney version including: “If I can’t Love Her” sung by the Beast. My favorite scene was that of the classic “Be Our Guest” it was entertaining to see how they did the costuming. The husband said he looked over me at this point and saw my mouth agape staring in happy wonder…not sure if thats what really happened, however, I was very entertained by the salt and pepper shakers dancing in a Russian manner! Other creative interpretations included the stage hands being dressed up as Gargoyles as them turned the sets around (in the castle) and Beast was not portrayed as mean, as he much lacking in any education about women and dating (It was pretty comical).

Don’t feel too sorry for the tortured husband of this post… he did get two different firearms for this birthday this year…he was quite happy! We celebrated his birthday when we got home with cake, ice cream, his family, and our neighbors. He says he’s too old for a birthday party… but we disagree!

P.S. Speaking about Beauty and the Beast, my best friend and I have finally launched our book reviewing website (named in honor of our inspiration) at You should definitely check it out!

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