Been an Extraordinary Woman

Waiting in line before the doors opened, a crazy looong line!

The large Christian school that I graduated from has been blessed to have tons of nice facilities. For this reason we often host large conferences. While I was living on campus every few weekends we would find ourselves swarmed with high school students, and other types of groups. One of our favorite (least favorite) groups was when our campus would host the Extraordinary Women’s conference. My friends and I found the title funny and would joke around saying “look, there goes an extraordinary woman!” throughout the weekend. Well, a few weekends ago, I had the opportunity to become one of these Extraordinary Women. My mother-in-law drove down for the weekend (this was the same weekend that the husband and I went to see Wicked.

Yes, I did this. Also, I’m pretty sure this is a guy dressed as a cow, dressed as a princess.

I’ve been to some large Christian conferences, including my favorite, a Passion Conference that I attended in Atlanta, GA in 2007. That was an incredible feeling, being in an arena with some 20,000 like minded Christians. (At the same time that year one of my best friends was at a Missions conference called Urbanna with about the same amount of people). One of my favorite part of the Passions conference was that it was not treated like this annual club, but rather people were motivated to be different from this conference and to “go out!”

So, I was very excited to be attending an all women’s conference. It was neat to look around and see women of all ages, and being taught biblical truths in a way that I would understand best as a woman. We heard from excellent speakers including: Lysa Terkeurst, Jennifer Rothschild, Carol Kent, Donna Vanliere, and the special guest of the weekend, Sarah Palin. The theme of the weekend was learning how to have faith.There were so many great truths shared, one of my favorite quotes was,

 “It’s not about us. God doesn’t exist to make a big deal out of us. We exist to make a big deal out of God” – Sarah Palin.

I really enjoyed the weekend. I only had a few criticisms, I’d really like to see them incorporate more of a small group environment with different breakout sessions. They did that at Passion 2007 and it worked really well. I think a reason that they might not is that they assume that you’ll be attending with a church group so there is your small group structure.

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