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Earlier tonight I was doing some reading for a class that I just started about drug addictions. One of the passages that struck my attention was:

“But humans do not live by logic alone; we are social animals who like to impress each other, and we are pleasure-seeking animals. These factors help explain why people do some of the things they shouldn’t, including using drugs” (Hart & Ksir, 2003, p.19).

This reminded me of an experience I had in August. I was in Maryland for a family reunion of my husband’s kin. We decided to take a day trip to the Baltimore Aquarium. I am entirely geeky so I love that sort of thing, plus I was nostalgic because I had been to this Aquarium as a 7th grader, and later in Governor’s School.

While checking out the Sting Ray section one of the staffers was talking about how sharks are “misunderstood” and have a bad reputation; that the sharks only attack when humans are in their areas, that we need to “respect sharks and their space.” Then, ending our tour through this giant aquarium I saw this informational kiosk to explain all of the different types of Animals in the fish tank.

Now, I can be very smart-alikey. I am the kind of person who would have commented when she saw a person in the tank cleaning it “now he’s not listed on the kiosk!” But, I still think that this can be proclaiming a worldview that is especially encroaching on my generation. In school we learned that humans are part of the Animal “family” because biologically that is where we “fit.” However, then people like adapting this idea further and saying that we have animal natures, instincts, etc. When, in thinking about it, we as humans decided that we were the most like Animals. God, who created us NEVER called us Animals. He, specifically, named us something different HUMAN. We are HUMANS with sinful natures, never have we ever been considered Animals. That thought just really opened my mind to the sneakiness of scientific worldviews. I think its cool knowing that God set us apart and made us different from the rest of creation, in HIS Image. That means that we are more like Him, than we are the rest of creation.

Other pictures from that trip:

This reminded me of marsh mucking and learning about the Chesapeake Bay in the Tidewater!
Its a Dory Fish! Yes, I still say this as an adult, and kids look at me funny. For the record I do know that it is a Hippo Tang.
The manly men!
Me and the husband
The Italian side :0)

And a bonus video:

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