Been Accused Of a Hit and Run

During my intensives, I had a really interesting experience happen: I was accused of a Hit and Run vehicle accident.

4 Police Cars in total showed up at our Apartment!

I was driving home from school after my intensive (such long days!), I was on the highway and someone was trying to merge in front of me, leaving me to quickly merge into the other lane. The car rocked (I was doing the speed limit of 65 mph). I looked up in the rearview mirror and I realized that I had almost had an accident. I quickly sent up a “thank you prayer” for protection.

About an hour after I got home there was a knock at the door. My husband was getting ready for work, and he thought it was his friend and shift mate coming to say “hi.” I hear a different authoritative voice and I creep into the hall way to listen. I quickly realize that this is a police officer wanting to discuss a high way incident with my husband.

I go outside to talk with them and explain what happened. However, I specifically tell them that to my knowledge our vehicles never connected. The police officer goes back to his car to call in for back up (customary when someone (my husband) is carrying a firearm), and to call the person who was accusing me of the Hit and Run.

While sitting on the porch watching the extra officers arrive (there ended up a total of 4 cars) and their deliberation, my husband tells me “don’t freak out if they take you out of here in handcuffs”. I’m like, “what?” (At least though I was too exhausted from the day to become too stressed out by this). Apparently a Hit and Run is considered  a felony charge, and could lead to going to jail if that person wanted to press criminal charges.

This is where there would have been damage, but there is definitely nothing that shows a side swipe at 65mph.

However, God was beyond looking out for me on this day. It was determined by the police officers upon inspection of my vehicle that no contact had occurred. They called the person back and told them that my car was not the one they were looking for. And I just focused on calming myself down for the rest of the night. Hopefully my weeks will be less eventful than this!

Tips for others: Cameras, voice recorders, and other types of devices are really important when dealing in these types of legal manners. That way, the matter never has to be a “he said” “she said” between you and an LEO or any other person.

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