Been a Maid of Honor

One of the most amazing opportunities that I had this crazy summer was getting to be a Maid of Honor for one of my oldest best friend’s wedding! I was excited, but also nervous being so far away from her and unable to fulfill several important roles until closer to the wedding in June.

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Our friendship has spanned most of our lives, beginning in sixth grade. I remember being frantic on that first day trying to figure out what things we needed out of our lockers. We were running back and forth between the white board of needed supplies and our lockers freaking out. It was really quite adorable. We’ve gone through so much together various boyfriends, and friends, middle school and high school.

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After high school our lives drifted away. Recently, we’ve been better able to reconnect, as she was able to be a bridesmaid in my wedding. We reconnected visiting Kentucky for another wedding, and we stayed at her place for the night. We stayed up for several hours, it was as if we’d never been apart. At this point we’ve been friends for so long that our relationship is secure no matter how long we are apart. So I was beyond thrilled to be asked to participate in her special day!

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It was taking place in Kentucky in this gorgeous little Bed and Breakfast. Serving as a Maid of Honor was so much fun. The wedding coordinator took care of all of the preparations and we just went wherever we were told when we were told. As a control freak I think I wouldn’t have been able to submit to this, but it was the least stressful wedding that I’ve ever been to! The lovely bride did such a great job spending time with all of her family and wedding attendants. The Bed and Breakfast set up had the feeling of a giant slumber party, after the ceremony and reception, the party just got to hang out with the bride and groom, it was really wonderful :0)

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I couldn’t be happier for this beautiful couple!

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