Been a fan of entropy.

Entropy…in a very very simplified definition is the idea that everything in the universe tends towards disorder. (I think I studied this in different sciences including Chemistry and Physics).

In my personal life..this means that there is always dirt/dust everywhere, the catbox to clean up, dirty dishes, dirty laundry, folding and other chores to be done (at least that is the way that it feels). It has felt especially this way the past few weeks as my classes have started again, and I have started a new work position. (Technically, I was already working with this organization…but now I am official paid part time staff, and learning many new responsibilities). So I am still figuring out the balance of being a full time graduate student, full time wife, and working part time outside of the home. I do not do well with the drudgery of housewifeness and chores. Or I just like being lazy on my days off and watching tv shows. Oh, one of these days I will have a system..

I kind of wish that I lived in a fairy tale…

Note: While writing this blog post is not actually helping my productivity in my fight against the natural disorder process of the universe…I think that venting about it does make me feel better. :0)

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