Been a Counseling Colleague

Internship OutfitThis is week #4 of my counseling internship semester 1, and here are my hours: 7.5 face to face (F2F), 1.25 individual supervision (IS), 1 group supervision (GP), and 24 related activities (RA) for a total of 33.75 hours! Only 566.25 to go! Slowly but steady wins the race! I haven’t been able to do as many hours as my time frame/schedule would have allowed because I only have a handful of clients.

Today was exciting because I participated in two different activities that allowed me to feel like a counseling colleague: my first “official” individual supervision time, and observation of another counselor’s session.

My supervisor and I have had small discussions but her schedule did now allow us to meet officially to discuss my cases until today. I was very excited. During this time frame I discovered that she prefers that I explain my cases as “So and So, white, female, single, age …, presenting with…..” and then diving into the case. This approach makes loads of sense to me, so I’m glad I’ll be better able to be this organized for her in the future. While discussing the cases I shared what I had gleaned and my direction. It was easier to understand my direction with certain clients, but a few others I was feeling more “stuck.” It felt incredible to be able to discuss these in depth with her and have her wisdom and experience at my side. Once she made her suggestions  it became obvious to me that that was the perfect way to proceed, and I am excited to try these methods with my clients later in week #5 stay tuned!

This evening I also had the opportunity to observe another professional at my site. I’m very blessed as there are several licensed counselors at the private practice where I intern, so I’m surrounded by a wealth of knowledge. The counselor, before we went into the session, shared a little about the structural family therapy that he does and how counseling in that framework appears. Basically, it is not just observing and dealing with the child behavior problem, it is watching to see how the system affects the problem. This was a great type of session to observe, because the counselor is already watching the dynamics and unspoken “rules” and “roles” about the family. This therapy model is much more practical having fewer sessions just dealing with resolving the family’s “problem” so it is very different from the individual adult therapy sessions which revolve around the question, “How does that make you feel?” The counselor treated me like an equal during our conversations, encouraging me about the counseling learning process. He even told me that I was welcomed to ask the family any questions! I decided just to watch him, but felt blessed by his openness. Plus, I’m welcomed back to observe future sessions of his as long as my supervisor approves :0).

I’m beyond excited for the opportunity to learn from the various professionals at my site. Let alone I could learn to better understand how the counselor uses their personality and are varying tools, each of them have different specializations that I could observe. My goal this semester is to see if I can observe at least one session with as many counselors as possible.


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