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LobbyDay2014MEAt friends’ (really, lets face it, our second home) recently, we discussed how talented some people are at one thing. I shared my struggle to dedicate the amount of discipline and time it takes to become GREAT at something, and I just settled for being able to pick up on most things, pretty well. I settled for being generally okay at most things. A friend challenged me on it, and I decided to do something about it.PartialEclipse

(I mean it isn’t like I don’t have a ton of free time on my hand or anything ;))

Part of this time off, I’ve wanted to invest in myself. This past job took A LOT out of me, because I gave TOO much in some ways. Part of self care, for me, is realizing the importance of investing in more than just my current job. A job can’t be my only hobby or ministry, because if its gone, then I have nothing.

I LOVE taking pictures, I mean in reality I’d love to have a personal photographer following ME around everywhere so I could BE in the good pictures, but I’ll at least settle for being able to take great pictures of those around me.

So…its time for me to really invest in it. This past year I’ve been able to take pictures for events at church, be published (and paid) in a homeschooling magazine, and learned some basic photo editing skills. But, I’m ready to become more focused (total, accidental pun that I’ll work with).

Saturday, husband and I stumbled upon a photography store! One that rents lenses, and offers photography classes. Besides turning beet red upon being asked any questions, I’m BEYOND excited for this series of classes!

I’m also hoping/planning to get a better kit lens for Birthday or Christmas! I’ve done some serious research, and have a few in mind. Now, just waiting to see which deals I happen upon.

Part of this focus, needed to include managing the gigs and gigs of pictures that I end up with. I actually cleaned up the duplicated files that were backed up since my college days. I’ve started a new system for when I copy new files to my computer, and eventually I’d like to tag all of my pictures in an easy to use piece of software. No more hunting for Spring pictures, but instead, they’d all have tags on them!

Finally, I started a face book photography page. I questioned doing this, because my skills are nowhere near professional at this point, and I don’t intend to become a full time photographer. However, I decided that this page would help me create a brand for myself, my style, and to distribute pictures that I take.

I went to a local race, without being asked to, to take pictures, because I couldn’t participate in the race. I almost chickened out of the 7am wake up time, but am glad that husband pushed/supported me to go. This was the race that I’d fully jogged the year prior, and I remembered how important it was to have pictures of that moment (from the poor poor husband I’d pestered into coming). I thought that maybe I could give people those pictures.

It was incredible, being at the finish line. So much emotion in these stranger’s faces. I couldn’t breath at this point last year, and was barely able to trot across the line. For most of them they’d get this look of determination to finish the end strong. A few would light up when they saw their cheering sections. It was incredible to be apart of! Now, it was a horribly drizzly day, again, so my limited skills were put to the test. Also, I learned that I have to be confident and pursue the shot in events like this. I can’t be shy and hover around the edges, I have to walk up, and own it.

Excited to see where my skills will be next year!


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