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Sorry I’ve disappeared over the past few months, work/life balance is hard for me. A few months ago I accepted a position with the local community service board.



In another blog post later I’ll share about the journey that day. Long story short I was struggling on April 1st. I felt defeated thinking about how I was supposed to be starting a job in January where I’d be working as an in home therapist. I wondered how long I’d be waiting, what that next step even was. I prayed, journaled, and redirected my attitude determined to soar through all of the things I was waiting on in my life (apartment restructures, a house, job/career etc).


Then, around 5pm I got a call from HR offering me the position! I was told that I was the cream of the crop and they were excited to have me. I teased him about making me an offer on April Fool’s day and he laughed.

Starting with this company I had flash backs to my last job. I was honestly scared of it being terrible and soul sucking again. But from the moment of my first training session I was treated like a professional, like I inherently had value. I even met the CEO on the first day.

I was given an office.


A work laptop.

I got a name plate for that office.



Got a work phone.

And I know those are just physical things but they represent resources this company is willing to invest in me.

My supervisor and coworkers have been incredible. They are legit Christians with passions for missions. It’s neat to discuss the mental health issues of our clients from a Biblical worldview in our secular organization. After a difficult case with a client a coworker and I actually prayed in her office :). Let alone they are just fun spirited and we do fun things like make sushi for fun friday.

wpid-20150619_121950.jpg wpid-20150619_123908.jpg



As for my job I’m a Crisis counselor who works with kids and teens. We often work with individuals who are coming out of residential treatment for attempting to hurt themselves or others, to make sure they don’t go back to the hospital. Or we work with kids that have behavior problems in the school and are in danger of being removed from the school. It’s stressful, long hours but I really so love it. And trust me the honeymoon period is over.



At the beginning of June I applied to begin working towards licensure. Today I received an email saying my paperwork was accepted. I’m a counseling resident. (Only like 3,400 hours to go…) My professional title changed to LMHP-R!



So we celebrated with yummy crab legs.

This approval came at such a timely moment. I’ve been struggling with a defiant client that won’t let me help him. I’ve often felt discouraged wondering if I’ll ever be good at this job. But I learned some more behavior tricks and gained some ground with my little buddy. I’m beginning/continuing something pretty awesome! I know that God will finish what he started.



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