Become a Ballerina

Back in December I took pictures of the Christmas performance of the dance ministry at my church. This included the members of the company as well as the kidlets and teens from the dance classes.


I was entranced by their beauty and graceful strength. Later, I crawled the website to learn that they offered an adult/teen beginner class!

Partially, I considered myself pretty crazy for even debating it. I’ve never been an athletic person, and as for graceful, well, I trip over “thick” air. Though, when I was a kid I bounced around our living room pretending to be a ballerina, so there is that.

I tried my first class, felt like a bumbling flailing idiot, struggled to keep up, couldn’t make my body bend the way it needed to, and my quads were planning my murder for several days after. But, it was love…there is something incredible about your body becoming strong and graceful :).

So I bought pretty pretty ballet shoes, sewed the straps in and went to my second class. Surprisingly my quads didn’t hurt, but I felt even more like the bumbling girl who couldn’t keep up. And I learned I’d actually have a class performance in the Spring!

Doing dance, learning a new skill that involves trying to get my body to do something beautiful, is very difficult on my perfectionism.

In class it is so easy to feel embarrassed thinking that the teacher’s critiques are all about me. I have to use my counselor skills to focus on each movement, getting better each time.

Yay to becoming an adult ballerina and doing seemingly silly things!

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