Baked Cookies with my Mother -in- Law

(A Christmas Vacation post)
I remember during premarital counseling, discussing  different topics as they would apply to our marriage. One topic was awesome to discuss, my in-laws! So many people struggle with their spouse’s family and parents, I am beyond blessed to say that I do not. (I mean everyone has their moments, but) My husband’s parents are sweet and enjoyable people to be around. Here are some moments that his mom and I shared over Christmas break while we were staying with them.

Yes, I had tons of fun making a mess!
I enjoy eating cookie dough.
It is sooo much fun to feed peanut butter to puppies! Daisy left, Zeke (my Husband’s boyhood beagle-mix) is on the right.
I was glad, some of their lights weren’t working, so they had delayed decorating the tree. I enjoy sentimental acts like that. The husband does not, and was the one taking pictures.
She even showed me how to make a homemade Italian Lasagna. Its neat to see how this family recipe has changed in generations. She makes it easier on herself and prepares it the day before. The time in the fridge allows the noodles to soak up liquid from the sauce before baking. I have yet to try this recipe, but I promise that when I do I’ll share the moment with you all!
Daisy also enjoyed the Northern snow, and chasing the large populations of deer across the street. It was a confirmation of her Beagle heritage to hear her baying.

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