Attended an Air show!

I’m a military brat, so chances are, I’m pretty sure that I’ve attended an air show…but I can’t remember it, especially seeing the Blue Angels. They’ve been in town this weekend. I remember seeing the signs up at least a month ago, I was not impressed. I just knew it was going to be crazy, and that I’d probably have to camp out in my apartment away from the congested traffic.

However, I have been in class 8:30-4:30 Monday through Friday this week…and I started hearing them flying around getting their bearings on Thursday. I had heard them in class, but that was nothing compared to seeing them doing their awesome dives combined with the neato sonic booms. I was staring up from the parking lot, hoping to catch a picture. I visited my supervisor, and I was ecstatic like a little kid! I was jabbering away and making swooshing gestures. I then looked up the info…and found out that no weapons were permitted of any kind (because to get to where the viewing areas were, you had to go through TSA screening checkpoints). I was very disappointed because my husband and I regularly carry 9mm, pocket knives, and pepper spray. (Hey! A girl has got to protect herself when her hubster works night shift!) Sooo we try not to financially support places who restrict access to such things. I was pretty bummed, especially after wikipedia-ing, googling, and youtubing the Blue Angels.

Then Friday, I stopped by work, we’d only had a half day of class. I figured I’d catch up on some stuff, and I mostly just missed my co-workers. It worked out that the director of the program had scored a pass to watch the practice show at the southern airport of the show. They were getting ready to go…and then the question came that I’d been hoping for, “How do you guys feel about taking a field trip?!” Lol! I love being in the right place at the right time!

The show was SOOO cool! The internal shaking of the sonic booms was neat to experience. My favorite parts of the show was how the jets would just disappear into the skies, then suddenly appear right above you. It was sort of a nervous feeling, so much so that I’d be scanning the skies and confused as to whether I saw a jet or a bird. I quickly learned that if it glinted silver in the distance than it was the jets coming back in.

There were tons of spaces in between the awesome stunts and feats, which allowed one to become unexcited. I just couldn’t believe the talent it takes to do these stunts. They can be as close as 18 inches apart! They’ve also been flying since 1946, crazy! And, they’ve also flown tours over Canada, Asia, Europe, Korea, South America, and more…I had no idea! And I have to admit, I’m pretty much proud of the Navy’s show of skill and representin’ America.

I was so excited about this neat and free opportunity, I was overexcited to a Husband who was currently imagining the use of anti-aircraft missiles. (He was sleeping during the day before his night shift). So…new goal…to fly with the Blue Angels…heh…I have a feeling I’d puke, or pass out because of the G forces. I want to know what it’s like to fly like that though!

P.S. All of these pictures were taken with my Nikon Coolpix s6000. Many of the pictures I had not had enough focus time to center on the airplanes, nor a high enough zoom. However, because of the high megapixels, I was able to crop and enhance the images. (The first time that I’ve played around with stuff like that and I must admit that I feel pretty proud of myself!)

Getting hearing protecting on!
Getting his camera ready

3 thoughts on “Attended an Air show!

  1. I don’t know what it stands for, however…I mean the northern part of the air show, in order to get to the pavement where the air show was, you had to go through the air port building…so I’m guessing that is what happened with that. However, I was at the southern air port, which is used by the school..for the students and just walked by offices and stuff to get through it. (I didn’t have to disarm). haha they got a kick out of the fact that that is a legitimate question for me “have you disarmed” lol.

    I can’t believe that you’ve never seen them, considering where you live, though I know they are more in the North.

  2. The blue angels are crazy awesome. I really want to see them one day.

    Also, I must be confused. What does TSA stand for again? If they’re guarding air shows, surely it must not stand for what I thought it did. Surely. (o)_p

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