Attended a Pinterest Party

During the school year our Sunday School class literally has hundreds of people in it. Since its smaller for the summer there have been some great activities to foster getting to know each other better. It is sometimes difficult for me to approach people, because likely they aren’t a guest, they’ve been going there longer than I have! I feel embarrassed not knowing who they are!


One of these great discipleship activities on Friday evening was a Pinterest Party! To the confusion of my husband, this is not where we sit around on our laptops, pinning things. (Seriously, how lame would that be?!). These are times when we get together and actually get around to making or cooking the things we’ve pinned on our boards.


We were each asked to bring a snack/dessert that we’d found on Pinterest. I brought Fun Fetti dip since I had leftover supplies from when the husband made it for me during the first week of recovery, with teddy grahams. I didn’t realize how easy/popular this was, as another lady brought the dip too with animal crackers.


Either way, we had a pretty nice spread…even if it was ridiculously sugary. I don’t think I’ve ever craved vegetables more in my life! lol.


We spent a good little while sitting around on the couches, talking and getting to know each other better. I learned tons of neat little things about each person. Plus, I find it easier to identify them in class the following Sunday, having seen their face outside of the masses of unknowns. It was also neat to be back at their house, when we hadn’t had the regular XI team parties.


After gabbing we migrated to the table to begin our project! We were working on the classic Pinterest pin of using Sharpies to decorate mugs and then throwing them in the oven to bake. I was beyond excited, because of course that has sat on my “Projects to Do” board without any time frame of an attempt.


The best way to do this project you need oil based sharpie markers, porcelain items (bowls, plates, mugs), and will need to bake your mug at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes to set the design. Optional: pencils for drawing your design on.


You still will not want to put these into the dishwasher (unless you want to make a new design).


It was awesome to see all of the different types of designs that emerged! Each lady is so talented, and I’m glad I was able to spend more time with each of them. I felt a little goofy taking my camera…and truth be told I think I was more entertained by taking pictures of them decorating their mugs than really developing a design for mine. But, now we all have pictures to share the memory :0). (well and mugs of course). I would definitely recommend this as a fellowship activity!



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