Attended a Piano Guys Concert

I’ve never actually attended many concerts in my life. The ones that I have, have been Christian ones with my youth group or at college. I’ve enjoyed those…but it was fun to go to a different one.


I was a little nervous planning this event with two of my friends because of the time required to get to the city in the first place (trying to estimate traffic), and I’d never been to this venue before.

It was exciting when all of the plans fell into place! We got there early, we were able to enjoy the parking right in front of the concert hall (despite its limited availability), and the fun restaurant that I scouted out was literally only around the corner.


We had a quick desert before the show.


Oh my goodness! The show was awesome! We were grinning/laughing the entire time. These are a group of performers who really enjoy what they do. (As if that wasn’t believable from their youtube videos). They played pretty much all of the songs we were hoping to hear…though my favorite is the star wars melody…and since he can’t clone himself it is somewhat difficult to do live :0(. I really appreciate the creativity involved in their music…its incredible to see someone break the bounds of what the “norm” is. I would highly recommend anyone to their concerts!


The venue was the Jefferson Center, a refurbished high school. I have to say all of the different volunteers who greeted us were so nice it was refreshing! They easily were available to take a picture of the three of us, and you could tell that the genuinely enjoyed sharing the building with us.

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