Attended a New Connections Membership Class

The weekend before last flashed by in a blur. Husband and I were able to attend the weekend intensive class designed to be the first step towards membership at the church we’ve been attended for the past few years. Usually, this class is offered as a Wednesday night elective over the course of 14 weeks. Instead, we participated in the class for 3.5 hours Friday night, then another 7 hours on Saturday.

New Connections Class

These classes cover material from an intro to theology, to the overall purpose of the church, with an chance for each pastor to share about the ministries they run and volunteer opportunities with each ministry.

Poor husband was not looking forward to the intensive format of this class, wasn’t sure if he felt like it was really necessary to commit to officially being a member.

The first sessions were the hardest…I had no idea how I could endure an entire day of this before rushing off to a counseling session!

Saturday morning we were rewarded with a delicious breakfast as the men’s prayer meeting has a nice breakfast when they meet. Also, during the sessions we were treated to snacks every few sessions. Many of these snacks included a balance between sugary options and healthier things like fruit. Seriously, the strawberries were almost the size of my fist—so of course I had to take a picture to be able to share with you.

Fruit snacks

After lunch I felt like I had acclimated to the overall process. I was entertained to discover that I would be listening to yet my one hundred and first lesson about DISC from my former boss. Afterwards, even husband reflected that he was more excited about the prospects of being “official” members. It is nice to have a sense of belonging. Not only that, through each of the segments it was easy to hear the heart and passions of the pastors, especially the head pastor. Being a counselor, it was refreshing to get the sense that he understands that people have baggage and need to process through that, versus some pastors will just expect people to easily understand and accept Biblical truths into their lives.

At one point he mentioned the missions focus of the church, discipleship both here and abroad. Abroad he shared the status of Christianity in the 10/40 window, with as many as 1 million Christians likely being in Iran at this point! Then, he redirected and mentioned the 40/60 window, how in Europe there is complete freedom to openly proclaim the gospel, but yet there are very few missionaries there and the people’s hearts are very resistant. I teared up almost thinking about my work in Italy, and not being able to join them this summer.

Ironically, as I write this we find ourselves again at the church. Hubster is helping them work on their servers/networks. It is quite entertaining! I really enjoy being connected again. Husband and I hope to work with the youth group maybe this summer. :0)

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