Attended a Gun Show

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to my first gun show. The morning of the show we got there a little early, and ended up waiting in line for about 15 minutes. I’ve waited in line for Black Friday sales, midnight movie premieres, events at college, and Christian conferences (most recently the Extraordinary Women’s Conference), but never to get into a gun show. I’m pretty sure that I was the only woman in line. While waiting in line the husband was holding me close because it was a little chillier than anticipated (and to this southern belle if its not warm than it is chilly). A gentleman behind us asked if he could ask us something. He turned to me and asked, “Are you here because you wanted to be with him, or because you are genuine interested?” I replied that I had specifically asked to come after I heard my husband was planning on coming. I said that, “guns and their accessories are something that you can buy just because they are pretty” and he laughed. Apparently, his wife is not currently interested in firearms; I just encouraged him to be patient because it is really important that we let it grow on us.

No loaded firearms permitted, due to insurance reasons.

My objective and reason for asking to come? To find pink stuffs, and other women-related firearm products. Most gun stores do not stock nice leather gun purses, and ordering offline means that I can not visually see it and test it (which is so crucial in a everyday use purse!). I do not have a ton of pictures; picture taking is discouraged as it makes sales people nervous. Picture taking is especially common in undercover reporters who like to share the evils and backwoods-ness of gun owners. I may end up posting stock pictures from booth member’s websites.

Surprisingly, there was a lot of retail variety at the show. Most of the booth’s displayed all types of firearms, ammunition, holsters, and other tactical supplies. However, there were also the following products for sale: beautiful landscape artwork, jewelry, beads, herbal warmers, purses, camping supplies, books, a booth offering African Safari Tours, and ….cute fashionable scarves. I have two theories: 1.) This area realizes that gun shows draw a large crowd, and 2.) that gun owners are dynamic people who appreciate other types of things.

My goals were accomplished! I saw several pink girls themed tshirts, nice leather purses, holsters designed with a woman’s body in mind, and one of my favorites: pink and lavendar TCP’s by Taurus. I didn’t end up buying anything pink, but I did buy a purse and a cute scarf…at a gun show. Yes, I am proud of myself :0).

The purse is actually made out of recycled seat belt material! This makes it highly durable, and a very well constructed purse. It is called a Maggie bag, and you can find more here. I would never really purchase this expensive of a purse, but I appreciate its uniqueness. Also, this will be a great purse when in a large city or overseas, because the seat belt material is actually very difficult to cut. If you are crafty (and are actually discipline enough to follow through with all of the amazing things you’d like to do) here  are directions on how to make your own purse! If you are wondering where to find seat belt material, visiting your local junk yard would prove rewarding, or you can also purchase supplies online, here and here. Or you can alsopurchase these from esty.

An added surprise on our day trip. We left late Friday night and were going to stay about an hour away from the show at the husby’s boss’ in-laws for the night (instead of having to make such a long drive twice in one day). We were told that we would have the apartment above the house, nicknamed “the Suite.” Little did we know how accurate that description was! It was literally this adorable Suite with electric fireplace, fancy bed, kitchenette, and deck. Everything was stocked. The fridge had water and sodas, the cupboards had coffee, a hot plate, plates/cups, there were a bag of chips with two different salsas, nice chocolates next to the long chair, and each of the chairs facing the electric fireplace had a folded up blanket. We saw this room before we ever met his in-laws, and the detailed comfort attended to in that room revealed a beautiful heart for Christian hospitality and was a deep blessing to me. Appearently, at times they have rented the room out as a bed and breakfast, but also use it to host missionaries on furlough, and currently for Pastoral potentials. Please pray for them as they have been without a Pastor for 3 years and are seeking God’s guidance.

The husband and I have talked about having a room/apartment set up like that in our basement one day. He has a huge heart for homeless ministry, and he’d love to be able to help them get off the street by providing them a fresh place to start. I would love to be a blessing to missionaries as I think their struggles are often unrealized by the Church.

This beautiful room helped to show me how special a bed and breakfast room could feel. The husband and I have often talked about making a short trip to a bed and breakfast, and I never saw what the big deal was. To me, vacations are about doing something exciting or entertaining, something far away from home and different. However, now I could see the benefits of a simple short trip in a fancy space to get away from a dull routine. We are hoping to take some sort of trip during the Christmas season, let us know if you have any ideas!

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