Asked For a Kitchen Tool For Christmas

Close to Christmas husband asked me what I wanted. I realized that it’d be too late for him to order something online and despite the fact that I really enjoy the mystery of unwrapping a present on Christmas morning. However, being married to a guy, I’ve realized that its much easier for him, and much more likely that I’ll get something that I want/is useful if I simply tell him. Plus, he already surprised me with tons of sweet things for my birthday. Therefore, I let him know that I wanted a mandoline slicer for Christmas.

Oneida Mandoline Slicer

This past year I’d been working our with my friends watching a Pilates video twice a week, and trying to get healthier. I found out that the more that you eliminate unhealthy foods and eat (at least somewhat) healthier foods then you begin to crave healthier foods. For example, I’ve been eliminating french fries out of my diet, simply because they come in large deep fried deliriously yummy bad for you bunches. Oh I cheat, and when husband orders fries I steal a couple, but at least I avoid the majority of them.

Sweet potato fries (at least as far as I’m concerned) taste healthier and therefore are allowed. In randomly browsing pinterest I found recipes for all types of vegetable fries and apple/vegetable chips. Even using regular potatoes baked items are much healthier for you than if they are deep fried. Hence the longing for the mandoline slicer. Also, when I read a recipe it reads “food prep time 10 minutes” meanwhile it usually takes me closer to 30-40 minutes depending on the amount of cut veggies.

I got my present the day before Christmas Eve! Mainly because I wanted to try making some apple chips, and husband wanted to sample them.

I copied this recipe:

Step 1 – Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, spray a pan with non stick spray (I forgot that part and had to peel off the apple slices after the first round!). We cut the apple in half to make it easier to slice, then we sliced it carefully using the mandoline. I would definitely recommend cut proof gloves, I just don’t have any yet.




The pile to the left is where we sliced them “too thin” in our opinion, then increased the thickness.

Step 2 – Brush Maple syrup over the apple slices, then sprinkle with cinnamon. We used legit maple syrup from upstate NY.


Step 3 – Bake for an hour.


Step 4 – After an hour, flip, brush with maple syrup/sprinkle cinnamon and bake for another hour. (Again, this is the point where it is crucial that you use the non stick spray…otherwise you’ll be peeling them off the pan due to the maple covering).


Step 5 – Eat! They turned out pretty crispy, but they were still a little chewy due to the thickness of the apple chips.

IMG_2877Husband and I loved them, they tasted very good. Next time, we may try a different thickness. There are also other recipes that involve cooking the chips/fries at a higher temperature for a shorter amount of time. While there may be more danger in burning the chips, it also takes MUCH less time, plus they may turn out more like crispy chips.

Got any yummy mandoline recipes? Feel free to comment them to me!


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